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Sitecore is a powerful .NET customer experience platform for enterprise-level businesses, that offers a high level of scalability, customization, and flexibility in one integrated package.

As e-commerce specialists, SmartOSC have had years of experience working together with agencies to complete Sitecore projects. We provide .NET developers, experienced designers and strategic project managers both onsite and remotely from our offices in Singapore, the US, UK, Australia, and Vietnam while partnering closely with your team for consistently faster, more impactful delivery.



Sitecore is best known for its market leading .NET Content Management System. The platform has many robust features, such as automatic formatting for each device, and multi-language content management. Combining this with fast implementation, scalability, and flexibility, make Sitecore CMS the first choice for marketers and developers alike.

Customer Intelligence

The customer intelligence capabilities on Sitecore make data-driven marketing more effective than ever before. Offering an insightful perspective into your potential customers, it tracks and profiles visitors throughout their journey on your website. Easy to understand data reports give you more of an insight into customer behaviour, allowing you to think smart, act fast, and get dramatic results.


Sitecore Commerce brings the high level of flexibility and personalization capabilities of the Experience Platform into the shopping experience. Throughout the whole shopping process, you are able to shape and optimize the customer journey, making it more enjoyable and efficient so that they will come back for more.



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What we offer

Sitecore 9 expertise

We keep up to date with the latest technology, such as the newest version of Sitecore: 9. This latest update makes Sitecore even more powerful and better compatible with external systems, adding new features, as well as enhancements that make it run better than ever. While it brings the platform back up to date with the newest ASP .NET technology, it also improves the experience analytics service and API performance.

.NET Resources

We provide resources and manpower to increase your capabilities and output. We have a team of .NET specialists who can exploit the power and flexibility of the Sitecore platform. With both an onsite and offsite delivery model, we can help you with design, development, integration, and support so your project will be underway as soon as possible.


We will audit your website to ensure everything is running optimally. We check the performance, productivity, and stability of your Sitecore system, evaluating areas that can be improved and resolving any problems to make things run smoother, faster, and better.


Let us know the business objective of your project, and we will show you the best practice to realize it. We provide a consultation service using our knowledge and expertise of the Sitecore platform to advise on how you can meet your business requirements and form a plan of action that uses Sitecore to its fullest potential.


Omnichannel is the latest big thing that creates a connected commerce experience. Whether on mobile, tablet, desktop or in brick and mortar stores, you can stay engaged with your customers and guide them throughout their journey. Marketing becomes fluent with Sitecore’s ability to orchestrate real-time interactions of customers no matter where and when they interact with your brand.


Sitecore allows almost every aspect to be customized. We craft your website to be a reflection of your brand and optimize its performance to make it stand out against the competition. Everything from installation to development and design, we will get you up and running as soon as possible so you can reap the benefits of Sitecore’s powerful platform.


Sitecore is able to integrate with a number of other systems. We will help you connect and integrate your CRM, e-commerce system, or other services into Sitecore for a more seamless experience. It also helps with management, as these platforms and content can now be centralized and accessed directly through Sitecore.

Sitecore migration

When necessary, we will move content from multiple external sources, including other content management systems and databases, into the Sitecore CMS to help your customers have the smoothest experience possible. We ensure your data is safe and increase the efficiency of data retrieval of the whole system.