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Magento re-construction for Hardcasa - a fast-pace development fashion webshop.

case study


Hardcasa already had an E-commerce website which contained some basic features for online selling, based on Magento. However, with Hardcasa’s fast-paced development, their existing website could no longer handle the growing site traffic and extra demand for bandwidth.
Those difficulties put pressure on Hardcasa’s business, and urged them to have a solution which would run faster and more smoothly but easier to customize, with integrated applications.



SmartOSC provided Hardcasa with a full suite of services: from business consulting, UI design, to development and maintenance. The whole website was optimized to handle a significant number of requests, delivering ultimate shopping experience. 
Other enhancements were installed to support business operation: inventory management system, payment processing module, barcode scanning system, automatic products uploading, and RMA system.

case study


  • Code Review
  • Responsive Design
  • Feature Development
  • Performance Optimization