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Smartbox's business is quite unique, and the platform built on Magento was quite outdated. Some of the main issues were:

  • Legacy codebase and challenging in knowledge transfer
  • Complex integration with external ERP, CRM and dozen of other applications that requires optimization and new development.
  • Global team across many timezones
  • Core Magento's logic of products and checkout must be replaced with custom modules.
  • High backlog of projects to implement in parallel
case study


SmartOSC was asked to support Smartbox's inhouse team in order to keep pace of the development and meet business objectives. Below are some of the solutions that we applied:

  • Agile methodologies with Scrum and Kanban.
  • Better process to manage the code evolution.
  • Unit testing to control the legacy codebase then step by step refactor it.
  • A new responsive theme based on Foundation 3
  • Monitored and optimized site
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  • Code Review
  • Feature Development
  • Responsive Design
  • Performance Optimization