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Over 20 years ago, Vitality 4 Life began designing and distributing quality Living Juice extractors for the Australian market. During the early years, Vitality 4 Life developed the concept of living juice in association with such organisations as the Hippocrates Institute in Florida, USA. Since this time, consumer awareness has developed significantly; a tiny alternative niche has now become mainstream.

Today, their unique and innovative product range is exported right across the globe. Vitality 4 Life has offices and sells products online to 11 countries in Australia and New Zealand, UK, Europe, Asia and the USA. Each country has their own website that is tailored for each market.


  • New Magento Version Upgrade
  • Gift Module Implementation
  • Google Analytics Tracking
  • Braintree Payment Integration
  • Content Delivery Network Configuration
  • M2Epro Inventory & Pricing Management
Vitality 4 Life Case Study

The Challenge

Implementing their e-commerce site across 11 countries, Vitality 4 Life need to figure out the best way to optimize their website in each country especially loading speed. Using servers in one country only is not an option as the loading speeds would deteriorate, creating a bad experience for their customers.

Promotion and marketing is essential for e-commerce sites nowadays, especially for understanding customers better and keeping them engaged with the brand. Vitality 4 Life want to implement e-commerce marketing solutions to build customer relationships and to understand their customers better.

To make customers familiar with their brand, Vitality 4 Life want to standardize their websites across different countries. This includes how the website looks, feels and solutions for simple, effective payment methods across different countries. Vitality 4 Life also hopes to upgrade their website, allowing them to implement the latest features and functionality.

Vitality 4 Life Case Study

Our Solutions

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The Platform

SmartOSC took on this project, and began by upgrading Magento to a newer, more optimized version of the platform. Magento’s power and flexibility mean it is ready for whatever traffic it faces, with the upgrade not only improving performance, but also increasing security. New features and functionality can be added, with compatibility being better for the latest offering.

The latest security patch for all sites were installed to ensure customer safety is upheld, while removing bugs and issues across the checkout/cart page.

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Standardized Customer Experience

Standard design templates were developed to apply across all sites, giving them a distinctive look and layout. Alongside this, a new function made it possible to replicate content from one site to all sites, cutting down the time it takes to build each site and reuse content. This also is useful for providing a continued and recognizable brand experience for customers visiting each site.

Integration with the Braintree payment gateway across different sites allows customers to pay through a safe and secure system, using their preferred payment methods.

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Speed Optimization

Content Delivery Network configuration was performed as a way of providing fast delivery of web pages and content. Leveraging a server network spanning the globe, the Content Delivery Network allows Vitality 4 Life choose to host each of their sites with local servers located in each country.

Code optimization was conducted to make sure it is running as smooth as possible, without any bugs or issues. That significantly helps to improve the speed of their websites.

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Customer Insights and Marketing

A new gift module allows Vitality 4 Life to conveniently run their own promotional campaign in selected countries. Google analytics was also integrated into the website, providing detailed tracking information about users of the website, and allows Vitality 4 Life to see exactly how customers use their store, and how they can improve and optimize it. Google Insight reports were also configured to provide the most relevant information, being structured for each user’s purpose.

New developments for more modern functionality and for creating new and interesting experiences for their customers were also added. Together with an intuitive design, the website provides a refreshing experience that makes it easy for all customers to perform any action that they want to.

Going Forward

With the their newly enhanced online stores, Vitality 4 Life hope to increase their market presence and improve the experience for their customers. Through their new marketing and promotional capabilities, they hope to improve the health and lifestyles of individuals worldwide with their catalog of high quality and sustainable products.