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Announcement | October 01, 2019

SmartOSC Receives Nod from Gartner as the Key Solution Provider for Sitecore B2B Commerce

Most people know Sitecore as a leader in the digital experience sphere, and possibly for the Sitecore Experience Commerce platform that targets mostly B2C merchants. Now, partnered with SmartOSC, the Sitecore Commerce B2B Accelerator is getting recognized as an essential tool to enhance Sitecore’s B2B potential.

The article, published on in late August, points out Sitecore’s limitations and acknowledges the gap that the B2B Accelerator is intended to fill:

Narrow focus: Sitecore targets a narrow market of brands and manufacturers doing B2C selling. Its B2B capabilities trail those of many competitors at a time when many organizations are looking to service both use cases from the same platform. The vendor has, however, partnered with SmartOSC, which has developed an accelerator to provide B2B commerce functionality on top of Sitecore Experience Commerce.”

B2B businesses that might be hesitant when considering Sitecore as an ecommerce solution can rest assured that the Accelerator possesses all the features to offer wholesale customers a personalized experience and simplify management and order processing.

Sitecore Commerce B2B Accelerator Overview

“The Sitecore Commerce B2B Accelerator allows agencies to offer wholesale ecommerce solutions that consolidate and simplify their clients' online processes by streamlining complex ordering functions and boosting control through intuitive Sitecore Commerce storefront and backend interfaces.”

The Accelerator benefits agencies and clients by enabling powerful B2B functions that wouldn’t otherwise exist on Sitecore Experience Commerce:

For Agencies,

  • Save time and money by avoiding the need to develop from scratch
  • Provide proven technology to their clients
  • Offer a ready-to-market platform with built-in features
  • Enable full customization
  • Demo site & material ready

For B2B Clients,

  • Boost sales and increase revenue
  • Improve customer loyalty through better user interface and experience
  • Increase employees productivity
  • Enhance management efficiency
  • Better internal communication


Considering Sitecore Experience Commerce as a Solution for your B2B Ecommerce Business?

SmartOSC is a proud long-time partner of Sitecore, contact us to see how the Sitecore Experience Commerce platform and the B2B Accelerator can provide the boost your B2B ecommerce business needs.

For more detailed information on the features of the B2B Accelerator, download the full brochure here.

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