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Web content management technology has been evolving along with the market and has become a pivotal part of a broader multichannel marketing strategy. However, it doesn’t seem to be enough for many companies to just follow the market trends. WCM technology advancement enables a new level of possibilities and inspiration for companies to consistently innovate the next best customer experience.

We are now taking a close look to the latest update of one of the CMS leaders: Sitecore version 8.2 to help you see their improvement as well as the direction where the technology is heading, while continuously enabling new customer experiences.

Sitecore 8.2 improved upon a number of functions from previous versions, as well as adding new features and resolving issues. This makes 8.2 the most optimized release to date giving you more freedom to create relevant and meaningful experiences for your customers.

Improved CMS

Your CMS functionality nowadays should adapt with the fast changing of your audience’s behavior and needs. With these updates, the platform becomes more intuitive to manage, allowing quicker delivery of marketing messages and content to your customers.

In Sitecore 8.2, the content editing system has been made more efficient for the content creation process. In Sitecore, a content item can be shared with several pages, but the editor may find it difficult to change the content as it may affect the other pages. However, the latest version provides more information about data sources in use on a page to keep content editor informed while manipulating these content items. An overview of content within a page is also provided, showing the workflow state of each content component, giving the editor more control to publish the content. Workflow can now be edited directly in the Experience Editor too, streamlining the process.

Experience Editor Dashboard

Experience Analytics

Some features enhanced in the update are particularly beneficial for marketers. The experience analytics have been improved to provide a more detailed insight into customer behaviour, with better reporting of KPI’s through a new chart system that accumulates data and presents it in more coherent forms.

The Path Analyzer has been enhanced with the use of marketing funnels. These create site maps of a user’s journey on the website, detailing the steps they take up until a desired outcome is reached, such as a purchase being made.

Improved API performance allows for more efficient retrieval of contextual marketing data from third party external sources. All of these features will allow for more accurate and detailed data to be collected, thus creating a better understanding of each user, which can then be used for the purpose of personalization - and Sitecore's personalization capabilities are something we have praised in the past.

Experience Analytics Overview

Enterprise Publishing

The Publishing Service module has been developed for 8.2, offering a faster service while increasing reliability. In addition, these new capabilities also allow for publishing across multiple servers, even those that are spread across multiple locations. This feature will particularly benefit multinational enterprise businesses who need to publish in larger scales, though the improved UI and reliability will be beneficial for all.


Support is one of the main factors to consider upgrading to the latest version. Mainstream support for Sitecore version 7.1 ended in December 2016, meaning those using this previous version are left in a difficult position. There are also many security issues associated with running outdated software which, in combination with the lack of support, will cause instability and leave customer data at risk.

Support Page

Express Migration

Finally, an Express Migration tool is included with the update. This tool simplifies the migration process, and seamlessly moves content and other important data into the new system. It makes it much easier to update your system by using a standardized process that greatly reduces the strain on time, money, and technology. It also works for those jumping from versions 7.2 and later, eliminating the need to update multiple times.

Express Migration Module

Overall, other than some compatibility issues that may arise with the update, there is very little reason not to update your Sitecore platform to the latest version. Sitecore have been continuously working to fix any compatibility issues that have arisen, and so any issues will likely be addressed in the near future. There are many new features and optimizations included with the update that will bring more value to the users, while enhancing the experience for both you and your customers. Both marketers and developers will benefit from Sitecore 8.2, and with the inclusion of the Express Migration tool, it is easier than ever to upgrade.

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