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Sitecore is one of the most popular CMS platforms, recognized in the Gartner Magic Quadrant report as a leader in disruptive content management technologies over the last 7 years. However, many Sitecore users do not utilize the platform to its fullest potential, and overlook some useful features that could give them more of an edge over the competition. One such capability is personalization, which comes in handy with Sitecore Experience Platform, the perfect tool for attracting and converting potential customers. In this overview, we will be looking at this capability, seeing how they can be implemented, and comparing them to other similar platforms like Drupal or AEM.

Sitecore Experience Platform

Sitecore Experience Platform

Putting The Customers First

Empowering the personalization capabilities are the Sitecore Customer Intelligence tools, which allow for a data-driven approach to marketing, giving brands a deeper understanding about the visitors of their website. These tools safely collect and stores data relating to how and where they entered the website, where they are located, what they searched for, the content they looked at, and the pages they visited. By creating profiles for each visitor, the Customer Intelligence tools are able to segment potential customers based on various criteria such as their age, location, and previous online behavior. This information is then consolidated and presented through an intuitive dashboard display and used for the purpose of contextual marketing. This makes it possible for brands to offer users a unique experience based on their past interactions and adjust it for their future visits accordingly.

How Personalization Works In Sitecore

There are a several ways in which personalization can be implemented. Rules-based personalization allows you to manipulate content the user sees based on certain criteria you set.

Sitecore Rules- Based Personalization

Sitecore rules-based personalization

For example, you can change content based on the geographic location of the user. Adaptive-based personalization can dynamically alter a web page based on the actions of the user. Journey-based personalization lets you design the journey of a user, and help them advance through the process. Finally, historical-based personalization bases content on previous visits to the website. Further functionality can also be added to the website through the use of modules from their marketplace, allowing for the creation of more individualized experiences.

The Competition

There are a number of other platforms which also offer an array of personalization capabilities. For example, the popular content management system, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), provides services for personalization using Adobe Target, along with their ‘ContextHub’ framework. However, some brands have found it difficult to realize the advertised benefits AEM’s high-end features because of customization complexity which also costs them more time and resources to customize. Besides, the cost of licensing the Adobe Marketing Cloud package, which is needed to enable its personalization capabilities, is considerably higher than the Sitecore Experience Platform.

Similarly, Drupal, a popular open-source CMS platform, offers personalization features through a separate personalization module. However, one major advantage Sitecore has over Drupal is its intuitive content management interface and easy to structure information, which enables content authors to use and manage the platform in a matter of hours.

Sitecore Content Workflow

Sitecore content workflow

Sitecore content management system also natively supports Workflow, which is especially suitable for enterprise level businesses with multiple departments.

Sitecore uses personalization to a great extent amongst their products, with new abilities and shortcuts being made available through add-ons and modules in their marketplace. The simple and effective personalization features included with Sitecore should not be ignored, so taking the time to learn and implement them will transform your customer experience.

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