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Five key takeaways from Meet Magento Vietnam 2016

On October 15th 2016, more than 1000 business leaders, merchants, service providers, technology partners, and developers gathered at Meet Magento Vietnam 2016 (MM16VN), the biggest Magento event in Southeast Asia. Many insightful conversations were created around the latest e-Commerce trends and Magento ecosystem. Here are five key takeaways.


Personalization is key to a successful e-Commerce

In the overcrowded online marketplace, personalization is helping online shoppers picking suitable products faster and brands upselling their customers with special offers.



From a leading product recommendation solution provider, Pawel Wyborski, founder & CTO of QuarticON, shared successful strategies for recommending products to customers based on the interaction with the online store or buying history. The technology allows brands to collect an enormous amount of users’ data and use it to assist their customers with online shopping. Targeting at SME businesses, Gravity R&D demoed Yusp, the technology behinds’s product recommendation system.



Dotmailer, a popular email marketing software provider, showcased ten different scenarios that brands can customize their email content to boost sales. According to Tink Taylor, the company’s CEO & President, the biggest mistake brands make when they run email campaigns is send the same emails to all customers which end up in their spam boxes.
To helps brands deliver a consistent and personalized messages, Benjamin Glynn, managing director of Emarsys, introduced their technology which automatically gathers customer data, processes, and delivers customized messages across channels.



As one of the most powerful advertising platform, Facebook lets brands choose among various targeting options to deliver specific messages to each customer segmentation, right on their most personal device - the smartphone.

Other interesting topics include Ms. Konami Saito from Interspace around boosting sales by connecting the sellers with online stores via affiliate marketing system and Luke McNeal from Amazon Web Services, presented about cloud and the key to accelerating growth and increasing agility in retail.

Secret to building a successful e-Commerce
A common mistake of e-Commerce businesses is only care about their website, according to Christopher Beselin, Lazada’s former CEO & founder. His practical experience around nine common issues was indeed one of the most valuable presentations at the conference.



From the vice president of Vietnam e-Commerce Association, Dzung Nguyen showed us the development of e-Commerce in correlation with social events and the government policies.

The concept of continuous commerce
Led a session on creating consumer value through digital transformation, Jerry Smith, OgilvyOne Asia Pacific’s president & CEO, introduced the concept of continuous commerce which contains three elements: omnichannel, continuous relationship, and continuous experience. Jerry also gave a hint of the next commerce trend called intimate commerce.



Passionate Magento community

Seven technical sessions filled with sharing spirit among Magento developers. Oleksii Bedzir, Vaimo’s Head of Systems Architects, described Magento community, ”It’s very different to brand user community such as Apple users or Facebook users. Only by seeing a Magento logo sticker on the laptop, we can quickly start talking to each other and become friends. It’s amazing!”



Here are seven technical topics covered in the whole afternoon of the event:

  • How to handle parallel development of multiple projects on Magento by Tu Hoang at SmartOSC.
  • Practical insights into building a fully automated code analysis flow for your Magento project by Oleksii Bedzir at Vaimo
  • Doing Magento better on AWS by Gene Tang, at Rackspace
  • Magento 2: Moving Commerce Forward by Ben Marks, Magento Evangelist 
  • Debugging Varnish Problems in Magento 1 and 2 by Aric Watson at Nexcess
  • Selling stuff with YouTube videos by Joe Ruelle at YouTube
  • Multiple websites scaling with Docker and AWS by Matias Orlando at Mercuriel

Ben Marks - the man who stole the technical show

Soon this year, Ben Marks, Magento’s Evangelist, will hit 300,000 miles of flight to join Magento events around the world. He shared, ”It’s a ridiculous number but if we look deeper, it’s very meaningful.” Getting outside of the Magento headquarter allows Ben to listen to the community and get direct and insightful feedback from both developers and businesses.



MM16VN has truly become a place for Magento and the e-Commerce community to share, learn, and connect.