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SmartOSC reinforced its expansion into Japanese market

Tokyo, Japan, Oct 5th 2016 - SmartOSC reinforced its expansion into the Japanese market by sponsoring the Adobe Digital Marketing Symposium 2016 hosted in Tokyo on Oct 5th.

Focusing on providing Adobe Experience Manager solution, one of Adobe Marketing Cloud products, SmartOSC has quickly built up its expertise and reputation among brands and digital agencies. The team of 60+ Adobe technologists has delivered several projects for clients in the automotive industry.

About Adobe Digital Marketing Symposium:
The Adobe Digital Marketing Symposium is the premier digital marketing event in the Asia Pacific region, designed to inform marketers the latest digital strategies and cutting edge tools. This year, Adobe Digital Marketing Symposium 2016 in Japan gathered more than 100 companies and 4,000 business leaders, digital marketers, publishers, advertisers, and content managers.