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Priceline.com.au is the online store of Priceline - a well known Australian pharmacy retailer. The current site is quite out-dated: it's based on Magento EE 1.10, and is almost unusable on mobile let alone mobile-optimized.

The site speed struggles due to faulty architecture, for which Concrete5 is being used as front-end, with all operations being made by requesting to Magento.

The performance issue emerges drastically during the sales period when the sales volume increased by 15-20 times.

Our Solution

The new version of priceline.com.au (went live on Aug-4) is rebuilt completely based on Magento EE 1.14. Concrete5 was replaced by a customized Magento CMS module.

The front-end is made using responsive design which ran well on tablet and other mobile devices. The hosting has been setup for better scalability during sales period. The integration with loyalty and order fulfillment systems was also optimized. Payment gateway was changed for better performance and fraud detection.

Extensive unit test scripts are constantly made during the development, combined with automated functional and load tests ensure that the bugs are kept at a minimum and any performance issue is detected early.

Scope of Work


Magento development


Responsive design


Data migration


3rd party integration




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