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Adobe Experience Manager is at the cutting-edge of content management system technology. AEM should therefore be considered by any organization whose digital aspirations are high and whose required pace of progress is ambitiously fast.

As a certified Adobe solution partner, SmartOSC delivers scalable, cost-effective AEM resources and solutions with the ability to further extend the functionality that will push your digital potential even further. Our proven ability in Magento along with AEM provide the foundation for Experience Driven Commerce initiatives which can offer a best-of-breed unified and personalized shopping experience across all channels.

Why AEM?


Adobe Experience Manager is used by many Fortune 500 companies for a reason. As a part of Adobe Marketing Cloud, AEM is powered with 5 modules: Sites, Assets as well as Livefyre, Forms and Community. All the modules together assure a top-grade CMS platform for building high-traffic websites, mobile applications and forms for efficient and easier management of marketing content and assets.


Adobe Experience Manager has seen its popularity rising due to its simplified design and management services. Your site’s assets are centralized with Digital Asset Management, and can be simply managed with a drag and drop gesture. AEM’s content editor is a mirror version of your actual website which also uses the drag and drop feature to add assets to your content, making it possible to create and publish a web page in a matter of minutes.


As part of the holistic marketing solution, Adobe Marketing Cloud, AEM is ready to be integrated with other products such as Adobe Analytics, Adobe Campaign or Adobe Target. The complete solution allows brands to observe user behavior, analytics, target specific user groups or persons and even create campaigns. The platform is also able to integrate with various high quality third party products.


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What We Offer

Adobe Experience Manager 6.3

Keeping up-to-date with the latest version of AEM, we offer you the newest enhancements and functionalities available in AEM 6.3. This release makes it faster and easier to create and manage content on your website with more intuitive interfaces, enhanced features, and a more scalable design.


We will inform you on how to best implement AEM platform on your business. We have the capabilities and experience to deliver the answer to achieving your business objective that also fits with your budget, and see what features and functions will benefit your business the most


When designing a website, it is important to make your customers feel welcome and, at the same time, delight them with new experiences. We apply the latest design language to help your customers easily navigate through the growing number of features and content available, and to help achieve your marketing objectives while keeping it consistent with the core brand identity design.

Mobile Development

With the rapid adoption of tablets and mobile phones, the mobile channel is presenting new opportunities for businesses. But with the number of devices, interaction models, and development options, it can be a challenging market to break into. Our team is well equipped to help design and develop a successful mobile presence, whether it’s a mobile website, a native application or a fully cross-platform strategy.


We are here to ensure your AEM project is implemented in the most effective manner from development and migration to integration. You have access to our team of AEM certified developers, marketing strategists, user experience designers, and integrators to design and build a website that is interesting, unique, and optimized whether it be on desktop, mobile, or tablet.

AEM E-commerce with Magento

The AEM/Magento Connector provides the tools which allow AEM to manage the user experience while leveraging the Magento commerce engine. Our proven ability in Magento along with AEM, provide the foundation for Experience Driven Commerce initiatives which can offer a best-of-breed unified and personalized shopping experience across all channels.

Integration with Adobe Marketing Cloud

Marketing Tools are rarely available alone - they are usually part of a larger whole, with other software tools and databases. Integration with Adobe’s powerful, diverse selection of programs such as the Adobe Marketing Cloud is one of AEM’s biggest benefits. Along with Adobe, we can also integrate AEM with other programs and platforms to make it the best fit for your business plans, all while keeping your website running smoothly.