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ASUS Singapore

Industry: Electronics

The Taiwanese tech giant needed to overhaul its online strategy in the Singapore region to better serve business clientele and ramp up personalization for their Republic of Gamers line of high performance computers. Magento was the right platform to support the extensive increase in functionality and inevitable traffic.

Hotel MyStays

Industry: Hospitality

Full-scale improved customer experience was the goal for the revamped MyStays site. Sitecore was chosen to provide solutions including personalized recommendations based on past visitor behavior, multilingual content management, and top-tier Sitecore Experience CMS to digitally connect their more than 51 hotel properties.

Justice Indonesia

Industry: Fashion

SmartOSC and Magento were able to bring Justice’s O2O dream to life by adding click-and-collect implementation, plus live inventory updates consolidated between online purchases and POS sales. Add to that a sophisticated CRM, OMS, and email marketing automation and this teen fashion titan is omnichannel ready.


Industry: Healthcare & Beauty

Welcome to a new era for how you shop for raw, natural health-and-wellness products online. N-Essentials offers a new level of personalization, allowing consumers and B2B customers to create their own unique products from the list of organic ingredients. The brand replatformed to BigCommerce to offer a smooth, modern and optimized experience.

Mothercare Indonesia

Industry: Consumer Products

Solidarity was the agenda for Kanmo brands Justice and Mothercare, with a multi-brand checkout and unified fulfillment at the forefront of the strategy. The latest Magento technology was utilized to deliver a true connected experience for Kanmo clients across the board.


Industry: Logistics

Logistics require frequent and accurate sales, order and stock reports, which is why the focus of this project was on making it easier for the UrbanFox team to track and monitor data cross-border, platform, and client. This end-to-end eCommerce and logistics company will now be able to increase efficiency and focus on growth.


Industry: Fashion

Express your unique fashion sense and character without breaking the bank. SunglassLA opted for BigCommerce to deliver a more intuitive design leading to a 50%+ increase in conversion along with a more integrated approach to web store and marketplace activity.

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