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News | December 03, 2020

Shopify API Version Updates 2021

This is the latest release news from Shopify about updates to Shopify versions in 2021. Shopify developers using Shopify Plus to create and run eCommerce apps should consult this activity log to be aware of upgrades and deprecations coming up in the future.

These periodic changes help Shopify Plus users to stay on the cutting edge of all the newest developments and empower their international eCommerce sales.

When Are the Latest Shopify API Versions Coming out in 2021?

Shopify releases new updates via API versioning every quarter. There will be a new Shopify upgrade every 3 months in 2021, in January, April, July and October. Each version is supported for exactly 1 year before becoming unsupported.

Shopify uses both REST API and GraphQL for their API version updates. Each version is named after the year and month it is released. The upgrade coming in for Q1 on January 1st 2021 will be called 2021-01.

When Should I Upgrade to a New Shopify API Version?

Shopify recommends upgrading to the latest version immediately, so you don’t miss out on any new features and to be sure that your app doesn’t break.

In the 2021-01 Shopify API version, it’s imperative to upgrade because Shopify has added a new scheduled value to the status field of the “FulfillmentOrder” resource.

If you are currently using the 2020-01 version, it will become unsupported upon the release of the new version in January 2021, and you must upgrade.

What Else Is New in the Shopify API Version 2021-01?

The 2021-01 update includes several important improvements to the GraphQL Admin API, Storefront API and REST Admin API.

As of API version 2021-01, you can query the GraphQL Admin API to find lots of extra information, for example:

  • information about transaction fees charged on Shopify Payments transactions, integrated with external accounting systems, to calculate payout fees and understand historical rates and charges

  • details of individual payment processing sessions and how payments provider apps are configured

  • an overview of which orders were bought online and picked up by customers in a physical location, helping to implement an Omnichannel shopping experience

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As of Shopify API version 2021-01, you can also manage prepaid subscription orders on the GraphQL Storefront API. This lets you create an order with multiple billing schedules, payment schedules and fulfillment orders.

Finally, the changes in the REST Admin API for Shopify’s API version 2021-01 include extended authorisation to query the Transaction resource and find information about extended authorization periods (only available on Shopify Plus).

For more detailed information about these and other changes to Shopify in 2021, see the 2021-01 release notes.

Where Can I Get More Information about Future Shopify Updates?

For up-to-date information about all upcoming improvements, modifications and deprecations to Shopify versions, consult the Shopify developers changelog.

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