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News | February 28, 2019

Shopify Plus at SmartOSC’s Headquarters

SmartOSC’s teams today had the privilege of receiving valuable insights from Rhys Furner, Head of Partnerships (APAC) at Shopify Plus, and Jason Bowman, Team Lead for Shopify Plus APAC Region. The emphasis was on innovation and how the platform can help merchants grow internationally and future-proof their eCommerce approach.

As one of the few full-service Shopify Plus agencies in the entire Asia-Pacific region, SmartOSC takes pride in advising our clients on how this powerful platform can help them achieve their goals, and also that our staff possess a comprehensive knowledge of its features and potential. Some highlights from today's seminar included the added support, automation, and merchant success programs that come included when scaling up to the Plus platform.

“Shopify makes starting and building a business easy.”

With multi-nationally recognized brands like Sennheiser, Red Bull and Budweiser already using the solutions that Shopify Plus+ offers, the scalability of the platform is apparent.

High growth, high volume” merchants (B2B and B2C alike) looking to get away from marketplaces and work on building their own brand will certainly enjoy some of the standout features:

  • 24/7 support with priority for Plus+ merchants
  • Transporter re-platforming tool for easy migration from other eCommerce platforms
  • Shopify Flow task automation
  • Shopify scripts for more control in delivering personalized shopping experiences
  • Brand representation through to checkout
  • Wholesale tool
  • Multi-currency integration (where Shopify Payments is available)
  • Launchpad for automatic monitoring of high-revenue generating events

For more information on how SmartOSC can help successfully implement the Shopify Plus platform contact our team for a consultation. You can also visit the Shopify Plus website for information on how to sign up and to access further resources.

By Julian Foulds

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