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News | September 14, 2017

Sitecore Commerce: A Renaissance

Sitecore Commerce was never a big contender in the e-commerce market. However, with the recent changes that have been made to the product, this is beginning to change. This year has seen a complete rewrite of the Sitecore Commerce platform. Component by component, they have rebuilt the platform with a much more intuitive, much more powerful design, bringing it on par with the competition.

Sitecore is the consolidation of content and commerce. Priding themselves on delivering unique and targeted customer experiences, Sitecore have combined their customer profiling capabilities and their powerful CMS functionality together with the world of e-commerce. Together, this package is capable of delivering modern, tailored, and contextualized shopping experiences for the individual.

The New Sitecore Commerce

SitecoreExampleAn Example of Sitecore Commerce

With the release of the new Sitecore Commerce, they look to capture the market with their highly contextualized and integrated Sitecore package. By reinventing their commerce capabilities earlier this year, they hope to establish Sitecore Commerce as a major addition to their Experience Platform.

Sitecore continues to improve their commerce capabilities, adding modern functionality and keeping up with the latest trends in the market. With every improvement, Sitecore Commerce continues to legitimize itself as a real contender in the e-commerce market.

One area that was revolutionized in this overhaul was their pricing features. These new enhanced pricing features transformed pricing strategy by facilitating dynamic pricing structures with support for multiple currencies. Offers and promotions can were another that were overhauled, and can now be applied much faster and easier at both an item and order level, which directly benefits the consumers. Both Order Management and Marketing are important parts of the e-commerce process, and so both have been rewritten using Microsoft’s .NET Core technology, as well as being redesigned to be more intuitive and simple to use and edit.  

As part of the Sitecore Experience platform, Sitecore Commerce easily integrates with the other constituent parts of the package: the Content Management system and Customer Intelligence tools. This is a key strength of Sitecore Commerce, as the company is renowned for their Experience platform and, when applied to commerce, adds a lot of value for the brand and customer alike.

Content Management System

Probably Sitecore’s most popular offering, their CMS has become synonymous with the Sitecore brand. Their CMS has been at the forefront of the Experience platform - and for good reason. It is a powerful yet flexible system that can scale as needed for enterprise-level businesses. It is also robust, built with the international market in mind.

Working in tandem with Commerce, the CMS is able to support a diverse range of content. It is able to present to customers in a single system high quality content together with descriptive product data in a fast and effective manner, perfect for customers who want to see detailed images or high quality video illustrating the product they wish to buy. More importantly perhaps is its ability to seamlessly transition into the checkout and payment sections of the customer journey, securing in their minds the overall brand experience.

In what is described as ‘two site syndrome’, your customers can feel a distinct split between the brand website, which introduces your products, and the transaction site, where the sales are made. Sitecore Commerce is a solution to this problem. The integrated CMS properties of the Sitecore Experience Platform with their commerce offering helps the two processes flow together as a continued action. This in itself greatly improves the customer experience while also helping to build a brand image through consistency.

Contextual Marketing

When talking about Sitecore Commerce, Sitecore’s highly data-driven marketing capabilities must also be discussed. The Customer Intelligence tools available with the Sitecore Experience platform bring the personalization capabilities of commerce to a new level. It offers services such as customer profiling and analytics to help segment and discover more about the users to provide personalized experiences.

These marketing capabilities allow brands to shape the customer's journey by providing data that can be analyzed to make informed decisions to make everything more efficient and improving their overall experience. Location based personalization is one way in which contextual marketing manifests. Sitecore allows brands to tailor content based on the location of the customers, such as the currency displayed. Age is another way customers can be segmented, making it possible to show more age appropriate advertising or suggested products that are more relevant to their age group.

It is possible to shape and personalize the whole customer journey at all points of the lifecycle from search to after-purchase support. This will let the customer know that we know them and avoids unnecessary and irrelevant advertising. Targeted personalization makes customers feel they are understood and addresses them at an individual level, closely replicating the service they would experience in-store.

Sitecore commerce greatly benefits from every other part of the Sitecore Experience platform. Incorporating their well established marketing and content management services together with their growing commerce platform will help to bolster it up to the level of other popular commerce platforms. With Sitecore expressing interest in growing and developing their Commerce platform further, they in a good position to become a strong competitor in the market.

If you are considering Sitecore Commerce for your online store, let us know how we can help.

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