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Announcement | January 01, 2020

SmartOSC Proudly Achieves Sitecore Gold Solution Partner Status

SmartOSC is a leading Sitecore agency with proficiency using the entire Sitecore Experience Cloud suite and developer of the Sitecore Experience B2B Commerce Accelerator.

Sitecore is the leading global digital experience platform and as of December 2019, SmartOSC is proud to be formally considered a Gold Partner in recognition of our abilities as a best-in-class Sitecore solution provider with a comprehensive understanding of how to leverage the platform to best suit our clients’ needs.


Find out more about the B2B Commerce Accelerator for Sitecore Experience

SmartOSC helps businesses maximise their Sitecore CMS and Experience Commerce to build content strategies, assess visitor/client behaviour, then develop any custom additions that would further optimise the site. We also offer ongoing managed services to ensure the continued success of our Sitecore clients.

SmartOSC specialises in all aspects of Sitecore XP Suite:

  • Content Management

  • Sitecore XP Platform

  • Personalisation

  • Customisation

  • Marketing Consultation and Strategy

  • Experience Commerce

  • CRM and Marketing Automation Integrations

  • Data Integration

  • Sitecore Troubleshooting and Development Support 

  • Sitecore Upgrades

  • Security, Performance and Compliance Assessments 

  • Sitecore XP Commerce B2B Accelerator

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Sitecore Experience Commerce B2B Accelerator

Enterprise eCommerce businesses that require specific wholesale functionality and management features can rely on the B2B Accelerator, a SmartOSC-developed Sitecore extension that equips Sitecore Commerce with stacked features unique to online B2B sales.

“The Sitecore Commerce B2B Accelerator allows agencies to offer wholesale eCommerce solutions that consolidate and simplify their clients' online processes by streamlining complex ordering functions and boosting control through intuitive Sitecore Commerce storefront and backend interfaces.”

Notable B2B Accelerator features include, but are not limited to:

  • Personalised Catalogs

  • Quick Order

  • Order Templates

  • Client Entitlement

  • Sales Rep Management

  • Consolidated Merchandising Dashboard

  • Request for Quote

  • Promotion Notifications

Get in touch with SmartOSC today to find out if Sitecore would be a good fit for growing your online business. You’re in safe hands with a Gold Solution Partner!

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