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Known as the leading Singapore based retailer specialising in furniture and consumer electronics, COURTS emphasizes their superior value and experience to their customers. From their initial establishment, the company has seen growth throughout Southeast Asia, most notably with the opening of new Megastores in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Today, COURTS operates more than 90 stores with multiple store formats, spanning over 1.7 million sq. ft. of retail space. Amongst these is their first Megastore, a new format pioneered by their newly renovated Tampines branch.


  • Responsive Design
  • Click and Collect Implementation
  • Adoption of HTML5 Elements
  • Integration with Emarsys for Email Marketing
  • SEO Best Practises Implemented
  • Promotion Enhancement with Flexible Discount Methods
Courts Store

The new journey

In April 2016, as part of their store expansion strategy, COURTS was exploring the option of “pop-up” stores through the use of short-term leases that could potentially convert into permanent stores. Meanwhile, COURTS’ Megastores in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia continue to focus on giving a wider retail offering to customers. In parallel with an expected boost in productivity from traditional retail stores, the brand now looks at radically reshaping their e-commerce business, moving towards an integrated shopping experience both in-store and online.

Through the refresh, the brand hopes to inspire consumers by offering the latest technology and home living trends while using an omnichannel approach to coordinate their in-store expansion with the building of their e-commerce site in partnership with SmartOSC.

Courts Furniture

The Challenge

COURTS has put more than a year into researching and redesigning their in-store experience and omni-channel customer journey. Following the refurbishment of their brick and mortar stores, COURTS hoped to integrate their new e-commerce site closely with the offline for a more synergetic, connected and consistent experience. Joining the channels together would help them to build a stronger brand connection with their customers and offer the user-centric experience that they strive for. However, the increasing traffic to COURTS’ old e-commerce website made the company struggle to keep pace, especially during Cyber Monday and other online promotional events.

With a truly connected omnichannel experience being a key focus for the brand, COURTS also wanted to renew their marketing capabilities, checkout process, user interface, and online store functionality to consolidate the overall experience of customers with the brand across channels. Otherwise, general optimizations will be made to streamline the experience and to increase overall efficiency in the day-to-day running of the store.

Our Solutions

our solutinos

Magento Commerce

SmartOSC was brought in to rebuild the Magento store. For this project, the latest version of Magento 2 was selected for the most modern and relevant designs, the latest features and powerful capabilities.

Adding to this, the latest offering from Magento will also be the best supported and most secure, which is essential for any e-commerce store. HTML5 and CSS3 are used for supporting on-page elements throughout the website, creating a more responsive design and improving brand experience for customers.

our solutinos

Omnichannel Ready

COURTS aimed to build an omnichannel approach to unite their in-store and online experience. A newly implemented click and collect system allows customers to purchase products online and pick up their purchase in-store. This system is a key way to unite the more traditional in-store experience with the online, while providing customers with more choice in how they shop.

A new mobile approach has also taken place. A bigger emphasis has been placed on the mobile platform due to their growing prominence in the e-commerce market. As such, the COURTS store theme was chosen to be mobile friendly and adaptable to the smaller screen. Taking into account the most popular screen resolutions on the most popular devices, a responsive design was implemented to provide the optimal shopping experience across the website, emails and notifications. Responsive themes help create this consistency in the design across each screen, while maintaining ease of use and full functionality.

our solutinos

Enhanced Marketing

COURTS wanted to begin an email marketing campaign as part of their push to increase promotion for their store. Integrating with the powerful Emarsys marketing automation platform, COURTS are able to coordinate different marketing channels to personalize the brand message, product offering and discounts that are going on in store and online.

For a more dynamic and engaging marketing approach, limited period coupons can be introduced for promotional periods, as well as free shipping thresholds and e-gift cards. A new system for handling product bundling was also brought in for the purpose of promotion.

To better facilitate search engine optimization and marketing, many SEO best practices have been streamlined to be much simpler to edit.  Everything from meta descriptions and keywords to clear URLs and breadcrumb links are easily accessed and changed to help improve the overall ranking of the website in search engines, thus helping to drive more traffic to the website.

The Results


Going Forward

After successfully deploying the 1st phase of the new website, the next phase plan has been laid out between SmartOSC and COURTS to keep up with the expansion and growing demand of the market. A number of key functions will be implemented in the coming phases, such as the Loyalty system, building further the omnichannel experiences for customers. Both SmartOSC and COURTS could not be more excited about the possibilities the system brings moving forward.