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Youfoodz is Australia's Fresh Meal Company. They create products: Fam love & trust! Their ever-changing menu of fresh meals, protein-packed snacks & cold-pressed juices can be delivered fresh to customer’s door or found at over 3,000+ stockists Australia-wide.
All Youfoodz meals are cooked by their chefs, weighed by hand & vacuum-sealed to stay fresh for 7-9 days.


  • User experience analysis and consultation
  • UX/UI Design
  • Meal plan selection implementation
  • Responsive design
  • Marketing tools implementation

The Challenge

Shopify Plus is a powerful ecommerce platform for enterprises for its capability to handle ecommerce at scale. However, it does require a lot of customization to meet the standard for Youfoodz. The website is not only the place for their customers to order food but also where the brand communicates their value to customers. With that goal in mind, SmartOSC has helped Youfoodz to create a Shopify Plus website that is commercially optimised to drive more sales and still retains the brand aesthetic and make every customer’s journey to checkout as seamless and intuitive as possible.


Our Solutions

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The powerful platform

Shopify Plus is famous for its capability to handle enterprise ecommerce, while still remaining user-friendly and easily customizable. It also boasts a wide range of third party applications to enrich the online stores. Youfoodz uses Shopify Plus for the most modern architecture, the latest features and powerful capabilities. 

In addition to this, the latest offering from Shopify Plus will also be the best supported and most secure, which is essential for any e-commerce store. HTML5 and CSS3 are used for supporting on-page elements throughout the website, creating a more responsive design and improving brand experience for customers. 

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Easy navigation through a diverse meal

A single design was created to showcase the variety of meal provided by Youfoodz. To help customer easy to navigate, a filter has been developed to quickly sort the most suitable meal for customers. Popular meal categories are also displayed for quick selection without using the filter.

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Bringing more value to customers

The strength of Youfoodz compared to other meal delivery options currently available is that it has a wide range of meals that can be catered for both healthy eating and weight loss, with a range of different plans available for dieters.

SmartOSC has worked closely with Youfoodz to understand their diet plans and build the meal plan pages that allow customers to simply choose their diet plan and get a customized order. The plan not only helps customer to select the meals more easily and exercise better nutrition control, but also boost sales of Youfoodz.

With simple solutions and step-by-step selection, customer has already get recommended meals that can be easily swap, add or choose specific meal or all meals.

An interactive map has been integrated for quickly navigating Youfoodz stockists and available delivery area. The website is also configured with popular marketing tool including live chat (Zendesk), email marketing, coupon, gift cards to help increase customer engagement with the brand.

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A New Way To Communicate Company’s Value

For delivery customers, it’s important for them to know thoroughly about who made their meals, the origin of the ingredients and value of their service. Instead of displaying a simple About Us page, SmartOSC have built a animated page that is fun to read. According to our own A/B testing, the Time on Page almost doubles that of the traditional design, meaning Youfoodz’s message will be easily communicated to their customers.

Continue to build on that result, SmartOSC implemented interactive theme with animated image to showcase Youfoodz’ vision, user reviews and demonstration of origin of ingredients.