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Announcement | May 07, 2019

The Future of Commerce: Scaling your Business with Shopify Automation

“The future of commerce: Scaling your business with Spotify automation” event was organized by SmartOSC and Shopify Plus and held at Distrii Singapore co-working space. The event saw over 60 attendees including all of the leading brands like Club 21, KEF, Robinsons, and Triumph come together to discuss and learn about the platform that reduces manual tasks and frees your organization to focus on what matters.

Tristan Miller - APAC Partner Manager has opening keynote

Using Shopify Plus Automations To Rocket Your Returns

Scaling a business means keeping the same cost but increase revenue.

“Add in the power of tools like Shopify Flow and Launchpad for process automation, and the result is an ecommerce landscape increasingly filled with brands better optimized to grow more quickly than ever before.”

Amber Do - Strategic Account Manager

Automatable To Automated - Case Study Of A Fortune 500 Client 

Automation is an inevitable trend of the Ecommerce Future. There are three keys to growth. Save time, save money, and sell more. While most businesses focus on the third ingredient, the irony of high-volume ecommerce is that selling more can be its own worst enemy. We show case a case study of a Shopify Plus Fortune 500 to show that automation can be the answer to this dilemma.

3Stuart - CEO and Co-Founder of Hoolah

A Singapore headquartered retail technology business focused on building closer relationships between retailers and consumers by driving responsible affordability. His session “Fireside Chat With Stuart Thornton And Melissa Soh From Tocco Toscano And Faire Leather” helps us learn about how Tocco Toscano, a Singaporean brand started in 1987, grew their brand in the digital era, moving from a complete retail presence over to eCommerce. Melissa, the COO of Toscano, shared the key metrics that she tracks on a daily basis, ramping up merchant acquisition, and their expansion plans into international markets. Melissa also shared how hoolah’s Buy Now Pay Later solution has helped Toscano improve basket size and conversion rate significantly to drive their overall revenue.

4Clement Burghart – Emarsys General Manager SEA

“Emarsys For Shopify Plus - How AI-Powered Personalization Can Increase Conversion And Drive Online Revenue”

Clement shared about the new integration between Emarsys and Shopify Plus. With just a few mouse clicks, and it connects your store and automatically syncs customers, events and orders to Emarsys. Then you will be able to use your Shopify data in Emarsys for creating smart contact segments, personalizing your messages, building event-based programs and automating retention marketing. The app also allow you to deliver personalized product recommendations both on your website and in emails or to track revenue from your campaigns.

“You're Growing,

But Are You Scaling?


QA Panel

We had Max from SmartOSC, Tristan from Shopify Plus, Stuart from hoolah and moderated by Akul Dewan. Akul asked the panel about their most recent eCommerce purchase and what they liked or didn’t like. The panel had bought a few different things, but recounted that the overall user experience from discovery to shipping is what contributed to their delight or detracted from the experience. The panel also spoke about processes that businesses may not want to rush to automate, like those where having a human may bring more value and delight to the experience, like in customer support. Finally the panel wrapped up by giving advice to the merchants who attended on the homework they should do and the type of questions they should ask when approaching technology providers and agencies.

SmartOSC is a top trusted Shopify Plus partner in APAC and around the world. We specialize in eCommerce development and management as well as emerging trends including automation. Get in touch with us today to start a conversation on Shopify Plus!

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