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Event | June 26, 2019

Future Proof Your Commerce Recap

The ‘Future Proof Your Commerce’ event was organized by SmartOSC & Sitecore and held at AVANI Bangkok Riverside Hotel. The interest level among enterprises and companies that are eager to learn how to apply true digital transformation their B2B commerce is unprecedented in Thailand. The attendees -- managers & executives from SCG, Minor Group, Covestro, PepsiCo, and BigC Thailand -- have proved that even leading companies that have operated in traditional B2B sales for years are interested in ways digital commerce can future-proof their businesses for years to come.

Anthony Chan - Vice President, Head of Strategic Products Sales and Value Engineering, APJ from SITECORE kicked off the event with some key statistics for B2B eCommerce in the region. 

Apassaree Lapakorn - Technical evangelist - MICROSOFT opened with an introduction of the state of digital business transformation in Thailand. In order to drive transformation, digital or otherwise, you will need to do these for the customers:  

  • ENGAGE YOUR CUSTOMERS to provide personal, relevant service across all touchpoints
  • EMPOWER YOUR EMPLOYEES to deliver differentiated service and maximize growth
  • OPTIMIZE YOUR OPERATIONS to build an agile, insight-driven organization
  • TRANSFORM YOUR PRODUCTS and create new ways to deliver value to customers


Kevin Dechamps - Experience Commerce Specialist - SITECORE then explained how Sitecore helped international brands like Toyota, Mondelez, American Bath and Komatsu to truly transform their B2B commerce using the added level of personalization inherent to Sitecore Commerce.

Thai Son - CEO - SMARTOSC then outlined the benefits of a B2B commerce digital transformation using a case study on how Pham Nguyen Food, a leading food manufacturer and distributor in Vietnam, transformed using a B2B ecommerce system solution and applying it at scale.The key take-aways from SmartOSC on the most important factors for a successful transformation include:

  • For People: the mindset of the CEO & CFO, not only IT and marketing teams, and an experienced Digital team.
  • For Technology: visionary platforms, futureproof technology, advanced features and enterprise support.
  • For Partners: trustworthiness, capability and experience

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