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News | June 18, 2019

Salesforce CC to Deliver Dynamic Commerce Experiences

Over the past 20 years, Salesforce has pioneered the cloud-based customer relationship management software model, now boasting more than 150,000 users. Their ongoing success can be largely attributed to the double-digit growth in sales, customer satisfaction and marketing ROI that businesses have enjoyed as a direct result of using their family of products.

One could say that Salesforce has a finger in every pie, as their entire suite of SaaS products range from marketing to analytics to dynamic commerce and beyond. Their flagship CRM solution has become nearly ubiquitous among leading brands that want to improve business relationships from top to bottom, and the same principles have been applied to their eCommerce system.

“According to the Salesforce website, companies that use the software see average increases in a variety of areas, including an average 27% increase in sales revenues, 32% increase in lead conversion, 34% increase in customer satisfaction and a 56% faster deployment.”

The Street, 2018

As a Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) partner, SmartOSC can help guide your brand toward significant, scalable and sustainable digital commerce growth.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Features

Salesforce Commerce Cloud offers an impressive range of features that can improve both B2C and B2B models with the flexibility and connectivity of working together with the sales, service, marketing and community clouds.

There are a ton of features available for SFCC - too many too reasonably name here - so we’ll just summarise some of the most attractive and beneficial aspects.

Intuitive Web Design Tools

The Commerce Page Designer, debuted June 17, 2019 at Salesforce Connections, allows Salesforce Commerce Cloud users to control the design and layout of their site visually, similar to theme editors present on competing platforms that we shan’t name here.

This opens the Commerce Cloud to a much larger audience because the need for coding skills is enormously reduced when users can harness creative and functional control of their site through a drag and drop interface.


The fact that SFCC is hosted on the cloud means that it is equipped to handle some serious heavy lifting without compromising overall functionality, allowing for massive scalability. Users can also rest assured that the software will be constantly up to date with consistent improvements and new features added by Salesforce.

Commerce Cloud Roadmap

Salesforce offers an extensive guide to keep E-tailers on track and give them the freedom to focus on growth rather than wholly on planning or management. This is a huge plus for businesses that are implementing a digital transformation or just beginning to adopt an eCommerce strategy.

Complete Salesforce Software Suite

Each cloud platform complements the next, forming a cohesive set of integrated solutions for every aspect of an eCommerce business.

“As of 2018, Salesforce has multiple different cloud platforms - a service cloud, marketing cloud, health cloud, app cloud, community cloud, analytics cloud, IoT cloud, Chatter cloud, commerce cloud, Heroku engagement cloud and more.”

The Street, 2018

Other notable Salesforce Commerce Cloud features include:

  • Social integrations
  • In-store extensions
  • Multi-site management
  • Content management
  • Merchandising and marketing tools
  • Budget and buying authority
  • Multi-account and contract ordering
  • Quick order and reorder templates
  • Multiple payment methods including PO
  • Customer segmentation (catalog, pricing)
  • Search engine optimization
  • Real-time Dashboards & Reports

A Safe and Secure Salesforce Future

Since 1999, Salesforce has shown no sign of slowing down. This stems from their willingness and ability to constantly stay ahead of the curve and offer holistic solutions to their users.

A major sign that Salesforce is unlikely to become obsolete is their habit of making large acquisitions on a regular basis. It would seem that these strategic buy-outs are intended to ensure that Salesforce keeps all their bases covered and maintains a competitive edge.

To give you an example, in June 2019, in its largest deal to date, Salesforce threw down almost $16 billion to take over data visualization giant Tableau. This merger will presumably allow Salesforce users to much more easily organise and understand complex dimensions and metrics through graphical interfaces, another step towards ease-of-use and practicality, which should be very persuasive for eCommerce brands that are on the market for the right platform.

SmartOSC is a certified Salesforce Cloud Commerce partner specialising in building trustworthy eCommerce solutions and empowering businesses to maximise online sales success. 

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