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News | August 25, 2020

Sitecore XP Version Update 10 Helps Marketing and IT Work Together

Sitecore has released the latest version update, Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) 10, aimed at supporting marketing and IT teams to deliver riveting customer experiences in an integrated solution. The Sitecore XP 10 release date was August 4th 2020, ushering in an update that has the ability to deliver full container support for rapid deployment, increasing its efficiencies for both teams, as well as providing enhanced team and solution onboarding properties.

“Sitecore XP 10 offers everything brands need to deliver experiences in a fully-integrated solution — allowing teams to work more efficiently. From container infrastructure orchestration to integrated data to marketing automation, Sitecore XP is the only platform that offers both IT and Marketing all they need.”

- Sitecore

With Sitecore’s mission being to provide efficient customer engagement and user-friendly controls for web content, the new update is a development design that lives up to this promise. Let’s see what users, both marketers and IT departments, can expect from the latest version, and how Sitecore 10 brings these two together for more powerful web content management solutions:

Benefits for Marketers

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  • The ability to filter analytics reports by audience segment gives marketers fast insight into what content is driving engagement across different segments, and this can be used to identify personalisation opportunities for the purposes of target adjustment.

  • Horizon editing interface which provides in-context insights across multilingual and multisite experiences.

  • Higher order value and more products and services sold, through the use of the new product bundling capability, which allows brands to sell related and complementary products and services together at one price.

Benefits for IT

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  • Sitecore XP 10 places a focus on container technologies Docker and Kubernetes, providing an accelerated time-to-value and increased agility with continuous deployment models and rapid development.

  • Headless rendering architecture to increase developer productivity. Sitecore can be easily integrated into existing ASP.NET Core applications while retaining all the speed, flexibility and cost-effectiveness of headless developments.

  • Sitecore 10 is supported on Managed Cloud, so you can use the Microsoft Azure cloud platform for Managed Services. This allows for easy deployment, high availability, lower costs for infrastructure, and more flexibility and scalability.

Combining IT and Marketing

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“With aligned timelines and workflows, teams can collaboratively launch and evolve unique experiences that drive engagement and accelerate customer success.”

- Sitecore

  • Updated connector functionality to send current visitor Experience Database® (xDB) information to Salesforce Marketing Cloud in real-time, to drive Salesforce marketing automation.

  • Other connectors improve content modelling by supporting more and varied field types when using the Content Marketing Platform, and allow for real-time integration of data with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

  • The integrated tools Sitecore Analytics and Sitecore xConnect help to join up different sources of data and allow for a deeper understanding of user data.

Sitecore 10 Azure Search compatibility

One of the new Sitecore features is the deprecation of Azure Search, to be removed completely in future versions. Solr is now recommended as the best search engine for compatibility with new Sitecore projects.

Sitecore 6.x, 7.x, 8.x and 9.x End of Life

After 2020, Sitecore 6.x reaches its end of life and support services will no longer be available for users. Sustaining support and mainstream support will end for other versions of Sitecore this year too, meaning users can’t get help with bug fixes, security issues and other maintenance. Sitecore users are advised to download Sitecore 10 now to avoid being left behind.

With our expertise in all things Sitecore-related, including our very own B2B accelerator technology developed in collaboration with Sitecore, SmartOSC can support your switch to Sitecore XP 10. 


Installation Requirements

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The easiest way to download the newest Sitecore upgrade is with the help of a certified Sitecore partner, such as SmartOSC, who can support you with all of your customer experience needs.

To download Sitecore XP 10, be sure you are signed in to your Sitecore developer account, and then download Sitecore Install Framework (SIF) 2.3.0 and the packages for XP Single. What’s more, you need to have the xDB option enabled for your Sitecore license.

Apart from this, you will need to make sure you have:

For detailed information on the update, you can see the Sitecore 10 release notes.


Visit our website to learn more about how SmartOSC works closely with Sitecore to deliver personalised customer experiences, or contact us directly for help installing Sitecore 10 and to make Sitecore work for you.

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