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Announcement | July 23, 2021

SmartOSC Fintech Announces Strategic Partnership with FaceTec

SmartOSC Fintech, a subsidiary of the global full-service digital agency SmartOSC, whose clients include prestigious brands such as Paypal, Eway, OpenPay, VPBank, Nam A Bank, and Maritime Bank (MSB) - has announced its strategic partnership with FaceTec, the world leader in biometric 3D Face Liveness and Matching software. Focusing on the Asia region, the two companies will provide banks and other financial institutions with biometric identity verification for user authentication at enterprise-grade security levels. The joint effort is expected to be a comprehensive solution ensuring the highest level of security standards with a greatly enhanced user experience.

The partnership provides organizations across Asia with an internationally-recognized biometric 3D identification solution for digital onboardings, login processes, and transaction authentications for payments and transfers. The main features are fake identity document detection, text extraction (OCR), 3D Selfie user verification and 3D Liveness Detection. Together, SmartOSC Fintech and FaceTec enable a perfect harmony of data encryption and anti-fraud tools for customers.

This partnership helps us incorporate the power of our innovative technology capabilities with FaceTec’s world-class authentication solution to make our services more fulfilling," Founder and CEO of SmartOSC, Mr. Thai Son Nguyen, said.

Our Partnership with SmartOSC Fintech provides our 3D Liveness and Face Matching tech to millions more users around the world, and we are thrilled to be a part of their innovative approach to securing digital services,” said Kevin Alan Tussy, CEO of FaceTec.

With working from home on the rise around the world due to the pandemic, individuals and companies are conducting much more business in the digital realm. Outdated device fingerprinting and 2D facial recognition technology are no longer enough to keep criminals at bay.

"eKYC is a rising standard for banks and financial institutions all over the world," Mr. Thai Son Nguyen said about the partnership. The pandemic has not only accelerated the speed of digitalization but also amplified cybersecurity risks. Thus, the demand for technological advances to improve user experience as well as provide safer in-app and digital transactions is more urgent now than ever, especially in Asia. He continued, “It’s clear that banks and financial institutions are looking for new solutions to adapt to the digitalization trend, and SmartOSC Fintech strives to be the vendor to provide the best-in-class service for them.”

Fast-growing countries are showing great openness and active support for the legislation needed to nurture technological growth. The banking industry has been a pioneer in joining the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In Vietnam, these efforts are reflected in the Ministry of Information and Communications’ digital citizenship data portal, which is set to aid the country’s long-term goal of establishing a solidly interconnected digital economy.

About FaceTec

Founded in 2013, with staff in the United States, Brazil, Portugal, Mexico, and Singapore, FaceTec is the leading provider of 3D Face Verification and Authentication software. FaceTec's patented, industry-leading Certified Liveness Detection, face matching, optical character recognition,and age estimation technology biometrically binds the unique, live, 3D user to their personal account, creating a secure chain of trust for mobile and web applications.

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About SmartOSC Fintech

A subsidiary of the award-winning digital agency SmartOSC, was established in early 2020 as a strategic move to bring digital native solutions to banks and financial institutions globally. SmartOSC Fintech helps clients unlock growth by strengthening their offerings in the field of Digital lending, Digital payment, Digital banking, Buy Now Pay Later, User Onboarding, and many more. 

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