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Announcement | September 30, 2017

SmartOSC Joins Shopify Plus Agency Network, Helping Localize E-commerce Solutions For Southeast Asia

SmartOSC, a full service eCommerce agency with a presence in Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America, has joined the Shopify Plus agency network. SmartOSC is one of the first Shopify Plus partners in Southeast Asia, putting them in a prime position to support high-volume, high-growth businesses wanting to grow and scale on Shopify Plus.

The eCommerce market in Southeast Asia is set to grow, with an expected 32% year-on-year increase. The region is currently estimated to be worth $5.5 billion and is expected to reach $88 billion by 2025, according to a report by Google and Singaporean sovereign wealth fund, Temasek. Capitalizing on this growth, Shopify and SmartOSC will work together to provide merchants localized e-commerce solutions based on the Shopify Plus platform.

Shopify Plus is known for its ease of use and scalable design, elements that have led to its increasing popularity amongst enterprise-level merchants. Its app store presents a large collection of solutions - including marketing, social media, shipping, inventory, supply chain, and theme designs - that are perfect for fast e-commerce system deployment and for reducing dependency on IT capabilities. Having worked with many prominent brands, SmartOSC have built a reputation of providing high-quality customized e-commerce solutions with user-friendly design in the Southeast Asia market.

SmartOSC CEO Thai Son said: “We are excited about this opportunity to work with Shopify and add to our e-commerce capabilities. We have been working with online retail businesses in the region for over 11 years, and so we are in the best position to bring the Shopify Plus platform into the market and develop the most relevant and localized e-commerce solutions.”

"Shopify Plus has experienced tremendous growth worldwide with over 2,500 high-growth, high-volume merchants now using the Shopify Plus platform. We're experiencing a lot of demand in Asia and have developed a strong relationship with SmartOSC to help make commerce better for merchants in the region. We're excited about this opportunity and look forward to seeing more enterprise level merchants move to Shopify Plus so they can grow bigger, faster."

Rhys Furner, APAC Partnerships Lead.

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