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Announcement | October 22, 2021

SmartOSC Recognized in Forrester’s Now Tech: APAC Digital Experience Services Q4, 2021

In our debut in Forrester’s Now Tech: APAC Digital Experience Services Q4, 2021, SmartOSC was recognized by the top research and advisory firm for offering competitive specialties that other large providers in the APAC market don’t.

Forrester Now Tech is a culmination of research designed to help global clients understand, identify, and shortlist the best service provider for digital marketing, commerce, or customer experience initiatives in the Asia Pacific region. Technology and marketing leaders should use this report to understand the value they can expect from a digital experience service provider in APAC and to select one based on their specific needs.

The report notes that SmartOSC “offers specialties that bigger providers don’t (e.g., technologies and global markets) or have more competitive prices or timelines for smaller projects.” 

We believe Forrester’s recognition of SmartOSC highlights our continued commitment to innovation and delivering solutions for today’s shifting requirements in digital marketing, commerce, and customer experiences. 

In a post-pandemic landscape where global businesses of all sizes feel the incremental pressure to change, the quest for the right technical companion has never been so heated. One wrong decision can lead to irreversible consequences in terms of finances, market presence, competitive advantages, and more. This is a pivotal time when digital-related decisions can determine the future of a business, from undergoing digital transformation, building new strategies, to leveraging the power of eCommerce.

This paper provides concise insights into APAC’s 36 leading service providers, categorized by their software, cloud partners, top industries, pricing models, and capabilities. 

More than that, the report provides insights into how to choose the digital experience service provider that best fits your needs. The step-by-step guide includes:

  • Identify your goals and outcomes first, then layer in your constraints and timelines
  • Consider different providers for strategy, experiences, and technology expertise
  • Augment your shortlist with local service providers for localization requirements
  • Structure the contracts to reward collaboration and co-creation
  • Select software and service providers in a coordinated fashion
  • Go beyond certifications to understand specializations and shared customers

This is the first time SmartOSC has been named in a report by the world-leading research and advisory firm. Learn more about the state of the Now Tech: Digital Experience Services In Asia Pacific, Q4 2021 report HERE.

To learn more about SmartOSC and our successes, check out our Work.  

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