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Event | September 28, 2020

Video: Virtual Debate on B2B Digital Transformation

For nearly all industries in 2020, the impact of COVID has meant that digital is the only business growth mechanism available, yet paralysis by analysis for digital over traditional sales channels risks putting many B2B businesses even further behind. So for B2B Digital Transformation, is it really necessary to have a business case anymore, or is it a done deal that companies should just get on with?


At the Ecommerce 360 Virtual Summit for September 2020, organised by BigCommerce, SmartOSC’s Regional Manager for Australia and New Zealand, Adrian Wakeham, took part in a virtual debate against Mark Baartse, CMO and Ecommerce Marketing Consultant, ably adjudicated by Jason Fraumano-Braddy, IT Manager at Janome Australia and New Zealand, to discuss whether investing the time to build out a solid business case is still a necessary and critical part of the B2B Digital Transformation process.

B2B Digital Transformation: The Need for a Business Case Is Dead/Long Live the Business Case!

B2B Digital Transformation: The Need for a Business Case Is Dead

Arguing that the time for talking is over and that a business case for digital transformation is no longer needed, Adrian gave 3 key reasons why companies that want to continue to grow and succeed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic should just take action:

1. Nothing stops the growth of a business quicker than people who make decisions slowly

2. The best way to predict the future is to create it

3. The benefits of digital are proven beyond doubt

Long Live the Business Case

For his part, Mark Baartse made the argument that a business case is not just still useful, but absolutely essential, for companies when it comes to something as decisive as the digital transformation of the the organisation:

1. A business case helps you create the right size for your investment, and justify it

2. A business case makes you think things through

3. A business case helps you get internal support

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