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News | March 30, 2022

What's new in Sitecore Experience Platform 10.2?

Sitecore has just recently launched its latest update in late 2021 with the Sitecore 10.2. Developers and companies who choose to use Sitecore managed services and the Sitecore platform for seamless omnichannel experiences should take note of the features and benefits offered through this.

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Sitecore 10.2 new features

sitecore new upgrade

Sitecore has just recently launched its latest update in late 2021 with the Sitecore 10.2. 

It’s been a while since OSIM - our Sitecore project and also the first-ever project to implement Sitecore 10.0 to be released in the APAC region. Now, the latest Sitecore release 10.2 is with us, promising to connect the usual range of improvements and new features that appeal to both developers and marketing teams. Here’s the review of the noteworthy new elements in Sitecore 10.2 that impact both marketing and development teams.

Headless support

Sitecore has taken pride in its headless trajectory for the past couple of years and this new version is the continuation of the emergence of the “composable DXP” model. In the 10.2 release, Sitecore has extended the number of frameworks to extend the flexibility of your development resource and open up the power of Sitecore to a wider group.

Sitecore Experience Edge

Sitecore Experience Edge might be the most significant update in this new release. It empowers marketers to quickly deploy content with the tools they need for content planning, authoring, collaboration, and analytics without adding architectural complexity. For the IT teams, this feature helps by eliminating the need to maintain delivery architectures and frameworks.

Easier upgrades

Does the phrase “Sitecore upgrade” render your marketing and IT teams horrified? If the answer is still yes, maybe you will love this new version, as now the costly and detailed upgrades are a thing of the past. 

The Sitecore 10.2 release is created to make upgrades easier. Normally when installing a new version of Sitecore, developers must make changes to both the web database and the master database, both of which include your content data. However, with this new 10.2 release, some of the upgrade elements are removed, letting merchants have a smooth and easy upgrade without touching your content data. This not only makes upgrades less risky but also supports headless publishing environments and the composable DXP model.

Enhancements to email marketing

Brands using Sitecore’s Email Experience Manager will welcome some changes to the Email Experience Manager, including the ability to create your dashboard, presenting more sorting options to view information about your email campaigns and sending emails from a dedicated despatch server, a move which will support a containerization strategy if you’re going down that route.

Sitecore Experience Accelerator

Along with the Sitecore Experience Edge, the Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) will also welcome some extras in this release to enhance its value for customers. The additions are quite a lot, namely close captions meditation ability to embed YouTube/Vimeo videos, support for Bootstrap 5.0 grids, and the ability to use the Horizon Editor in the SXA.

Sitecore Analytics

For those Sitecore Analytics lovers, you will be thrilled as now, merchants can view the impact of personalization on individual goals set within Sitecore, with analytics showing the number of individual goals that can actually be attributed to your personalization efforts. This will be particularly useful for those teams starting with Sitecore personalization who want to identify or report on a specific value or test the impact of different personalization efforts.

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