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Whitepaper |Apr 07, 2020

Remote Team Management Playbook with Shopify Plus

Remote Team Management Playbook with Shopify Plus

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Times are changing, and so is the dynamic between business and employee. Modern workers value more flexibility in how and where they work, while ecommerce brands need to be able to serve their customers wherever and whenever they need.

Welcome to the era of remote teams.

In the Remote Team Management Playbook we discuss practical strategies and information to help businesses make informed decisions on how to maximise the effectiveness of a remote strategy and utilise it to improve their business.

We’ll cover:


  • The modern worker and their distinct motivations
  • Main advantages of remote teams
  • Key roles best suited for remote work
  • Examples of regions where remote work is ideal
  • Potential disadvantages of telecommuting
  • Best tools that enable businesses to work remotely


Download your free copy to stay on top of growth and direction within your dispersed team.


Remote Team Management Playbook
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