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Matahari is Indonesia’s foremost department store and the first one established in the country over 50 years ago. Today, Matahari has 153 stores in 76 Indonesian cities, and a strong online store that supports eCommerce to bring the company into the 21st century. Thanks to its strong retail offering, the company has an annual revenue of over 10 trillion IDR (US$700 million).

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The New Journey

Despite their strong offline presence, Matahari was missing online revenue, with consignment goods making up just 20% of sales via their eCommerce store. This was partly to do with the fact that the Online-to-offline customer experience was fragmented and piecemeal, and partly due to their legacy technology architecture that was slow to load and hard to scale up.

The challenge for Matahari was addressing these holes in their technology stack and their retail strategy so they could continue to innovate and excel in an increasingly competitive national market. It was especially important to deliver a quick solution in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic that brought about radical changes in consumer behaviour and shopping trends.

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Matahari didn’t have time to wait around for years to implement their digital transformation project, because the challenges they were facing were having an effect on revenue in real time. To speed up the process of unifying the customer experience and replatforming to a more powerful and up-to-date eCommerce technology system, SmartOSC leveraged a project strategy that involved the use of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

This meant creating the bare minimum solution package that was necessary in order to launch, and using a process of continuous results analysis, development and relaunching to improve the service offering based on real market data as we went along, emphasizing speed and quality as the most vital factors.



Of the Omnichannel solutions that SmartOSC helped to implement to unify Mathari’s customer experience into one seamless shopping journey, the ones with the most important impact were the introduction of Online-to-offline (O2O) services like Click and Collect, and automating in-store product selection processes.

By setting up a new shopping channel whereby customers can purchase products online and pick them up in store, as well as choose from various online and offline delivery and payment options, Matahari was able to create a consumer experience that adapted to the needs of each person and boosted user satisfaction.


To replace Matahari’s previous outdated eCommerce technology, which was based on an inappropriate marketplace structure, SmartOSC oversaw a migration to the enterprise-level Magento Commerce platform. As the most popular eCommerce platform in the world, it offered faster page load times, checkout and uploads than their old system.

The cost of maintenance and periodic upgrades to the system are now included in the integrated package, and more cost-effective as a whole. What’s more, as the Matahari brand continues to grow as a result of all these solutions, the new platform is customizable and scalable enough to be modified according to their changing business needs.



Matahari’s replatforming project to Magento Commerce and the quick-launch of their new Omnichannel retail strategy was a resounding success. Now, the process of continuous improvement and development demands that perfection of the Omnichannel offering needs ongoing observation and tweaking in the future, while the tech stack requires maintenance and support to constantly be on the cutting edge to provide the best to both consumers and the company.

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