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Announcement | June 20, 2018

5 Symptoms Showing Your Kentico CMS Needs to be Upgraded

Kentico CMS is a very powerful content management system and offers a great amount of features, which will easily satisfy your average demands of a CMS these days. However, as your business grows and your website needs more functions, your system platform might start showing its limitation. Here are the 5 most common symptoms showing that your system need to be upgraded.

1. Unable to handle complex marketing initiatives

Kentico CMS is a great platform to manage and publish content. However, the basic version lacks of features to effectively deliver marketing campaigns or personalized messages to your customers. Kentico enterprise marketing solution (EMS) is the upgraded package that comes with advanced marketing capability such as A/B testing, personalization, marketing automation, and personas. These features work in synergy with each other in order to amplify your marketing initiatives and deliver timely marketing messages to customers.

2. Incapable of scaling up the ecommerce system

Many believe that CMS platforms are unable to handle complex ecommerce system and accept a poor performance of their online store. That’s the story of few years ago. The good news is there are several powerful solutions available for the ecommerce store on Kentico. From full feature store run on Kentico EMS to building complex websites based on Ucommerce,  Kentico is empowered to handle any complex need for your online store system.
Ucommerce for Kentico combines Kentico's CMS and online marketing platform with a powerful and fully integrated set of enterprise class ecommerce features. This new ecommerce platform for Kentico is “multi in every aspect” offering multiple stores, multiple catalogs, multiple languages, multiple currencies, multiple price points, multiple shipments and much more.

3. Struggling to drive sales

Basic Kentico version lack of ability to support synergy between marketing effort and sales. User past behavior on the website for example is a great source of information for sales team before approaching a new customer. However, this information is used only by marketing teams and the sales team only receive the basic customer information when they contact the sales team.
One of the advanced features that come with Kentico EMS is lead scoring. This is where each user’s action performing on the website is scored and a refined list of qualified leads will be transferred to the sales team in order to convert them into customer. The latest Kentico version even goes further to build out of the box integration with allowing easily integrate lead information directly into the Salesforce CRM.

4. Kentico technical integrations unreliable

As the new Kentico 11 released, less 3rd party integrations support the old versions which makes some extensions unstable. These extensions are also customized to work best with the latest release so make sure your systems is always up to date.
The latest Kentico version comes with many new features out of the box including advanced email marketing, faceted search, enhanced ecommerce so you don’t need to use 3rd party integration for these features. It also has built-in connector with Salesforce, a popular CRM system, which will help your system work reliably. If your license is active, upgrade to the latest version is licence-free and you just need the help from your technology partner to upgrade the system.

5. Slow Website and Non-responsive Web Design

Old system can be costly and time-consuming to optimize and maintain its compactness and speed. Common reasons include old html and css version, non-responsive design on different devices and screen size, poor caching methods, cumbersome code and integrations. These problem can be solved by constantly optimizing the system, building functions to improve customer experience. However, adding code to the website sometimes will not solve the root of the problem. The other simple solution is to upgrade to the latest version which support responsive design, css3, html5 by default and better content delivery method for optimizing website performance.
We can complete a comprehensive audit of your Kentico website normally within 5 working days, including a summary report of the results and our recommendations. It’s completely free! All we ask is that you talk to us before acting on the results.

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