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Guide | July 23, 2021

Top Magento eCommerce Development Trends in 2021


Around the world, over 1.5 billion people use Magento as their eCommerce website. And with the latest Magento eCommerce Development trends, the online shopping experience has gotten even better. From virtual reality to push notifications and effortless voice search, managing your business online is now easier.

In this post, we take you through the additional features that make Magento the go-to eCommerce platform for billions of business owners worldwide.

Magento: What is it and Why Choose it as your eCommerce platform?


As the leading eCommerce platform, Magento offers an engaging and high-performing website to small, medium, and large businesses. It is an open-source, robust technology that enables businesses to control the functionality and outlook of their online stores.

With the multiples of Magento themes and extensions, business owners can design their online store to suit their business and meet the expectations of their target market. With the top Magento eCommerce development trends in 2021, a greater number of businesses can become more intentional about creating an eCommerce website that is mobile-focused, innovative, and targeted as raising revenue.

An Open-source Platform for Higher Control


Magento is an open-source platform that helps dedicated developers to design flexible websites that can be easily customized to fit a business' goals. Again, the Community Edition (which is free) comes with tons of Magento templates that offer more control and easy navigation.

Magento was Made for eCommerce


With the consistent growth in the eCommerce industry, more businesses have gone from only walk-in stores to having an online presence. 

Thanks to Magento, both small and large enterprises can create eCommerce websites that are made strictly for eCommerce. The Magento eCommerce platform was designed strictly with online shopping in mind. And this mission has been attainable due to the excellent features such as SEO-friendly designs, Third-party app integration, and more. 

High-Performance Features for B2B and B2C Brands


Every business model gets to enjoy the high-performing benefits of Magento eCommerce. From the fast page load speed to instant query processing, Magento makes shopping online a breeze. Using limited servers, Magento provides the fastest eCommerce experience for mobile users in 2021.

Flexibility and Full Control


Another impressive Magento eCommerce development in 2021 is the improved flexibility. Businesses get to control how their website looks and feels on any mobile device. This benefit strongly distinguishes Magento from other eCommerce websites as its focus has always been to ensure that businesses build an easy-to-use online store. 

Ease of Integration


Integrating third-party apps on Magento eCommerce is usually hitch-free. When you work with a Magento eCommerce development team like SmartOSC, apps for shipping, payment, analytics, and order and set up effortlessly. 

Top Magento eCommerce Development Trends 2021


Wondering how to take advantage of the latest Magento eCommerce development trends to improve your eCommerce website performance? Keep reading to learn the top trends in Magento web development.

Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots


The eCommerce industry, in recent times, has been thriving remarkably, thanks to the adoption of artificial intelligence and chatbots. With automated systems that can provide data on buyer intent, customer behavior, and other factors that can improve the customer shopping experience. Chatbots are equally great at providing instant responses to customers with queries or concerns. 

Voice Search


Incorporating the voice search option on your Magento store allows you to search for their preferred products using a voice search-supported device. When customers do not have to use text, they save time and receive faster results – especially since we live in a fast-paced world. 

Magento PWA


In terms of web or mobile apps, the Progressive Web App allows businesses to reach customers irrespective of their mobile devices or the strength of their internet connection. If you prefer your Magento website as a PWA, you will get a website that resembles an app on a mobile device or desktop. This new trend helps you respond to customers faster and better.



Augmented reality and virtual reality are two more Magento eCommerce development trends in 2021. Customers can now visualize being in your store, shopping for their favorite products, and checking out easily. With AR and VR technologies, shopping becomes more enjoyable and more rewarding.

Social Commerce


Social commerce is your ticket to finding your customers where they are, and this involves integrating social media extensions into your Magento. Work with Magento developers who are skilled at social commerce and who can ensure that your website connects with top social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Live Streaming


Get higher engagement and more traffic to your website with live streaming features on your Magento 2 website. This allows you to explain your products or services in detail while also connecting with your target market on social media channels.

Conclusion – Contact SmartOSC


In all, it is apparent that these Magento eCommerce development trends in 2021 will help businesses expand and serve their customers better. With artificial intelligence for a more intelligent sales strategy and virtual reality for a more personalized shopping experience, your business can now deliver better online shopping experiences. In the long run, your brand will be more recognized, and your revenues will grow steadily. 

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