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Guide | November 08, 2021

Adobe Commerce Singapore

Adobe Commerce is presented as a solution that can assist both B2B and B2C organizations. For organizations that want a great deal of customization or who currently use a variety of Adobe products, working with Adobe Commerce Cloud does have some distinct advantages because you get a hosted website with a plethora of eCommerce tools that connect with Adobe Experience Manager.

However, Adobe Commerce Cloud is not suitable for all businesses. Adobe refers to it as an industrial product, but Magento Commerce is targeted more toward the midmarket. The expense of Adobe Commerce Cloud and the development effort required to not only get it up and running but also to maintain it is not worth it for several lower to upper midmarket firms. Working with a SaaS platform like BigCommerce, which allows for customization yet has a reduced total cost of ownership, maybe a better option for small organizations.

What is Adobe Commerce?


Adobe Commerce Cloud (ACC) is a new packaged service that provides businesses with a secure and dynamic end-to-end platform for managing, personalizing, and optimizing the eCommerce experience across all touchpoints and throughout the consumer journey.

SmartOSC - A famous Adobe Commerce company in Singapore


SmartOSC is an award-winning eCommerce company that specializes in B2B and B2C commerce, mobile commerce, and omnichannel solutions. SmartOSC has effectively maximized the digital performance of over 500 organizations globally, backed by accurate local insights and a formidable staff of 650+ IT specialists.

They are Magento Architects, the most complete certification for Magento 2 developers provided by the Adobe Certified Master to date. SmartOSC has curated exceptional eCommerce projects for prominent, multinational businesses as specialists inside the most major Singapore consulting and software development firms.

Adobe Commerce services Singapore at SmartOSC


In an unprecedented year in which consumers sought advice on how to recover, SmartOSC's collaboration with Adobe was more vital than ever. Adobe and SmartOSC expect that their collaboration would enable enterprises to emerge stronger from the epidemic by providing technology-led solutions and innovations.

Adobe collaborates with Asia-premier Pacific's agencies, consultancies, and technology suppliers to deliver cutting-edge solutions that enable innovation, personalized experiences, data-driven marketing, and cross-channel marketing. Its annual Adobe Commerce APAC Partner Connect recognizes and honors partner achievement, innovative innovation, and devotion to customer success in the APAC region utilizing Adobe technology.

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SmartOSC is a Gold Solution Partner which has provided 500+ Magento projects to industry-leading customers such as Asus Singapore, Courts, Lotte, Ricoh, and others over the last 15 years. SmartOSC won the Rising Star award despite intense competition because of the devotion to more than 200 Magento 2 certified developers, as well as excellent client ratings, portfolio, market presence, and development talents.

Learn more about SmartOSC's other recent digital transformations, or contact us to improve your eCommerce strategy NOW.

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