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Guide | November 10, 2021

Adobe Ecommerce Website Builder

Adobe has created two website builder solutions for the web builder market: Adobe Spark and Adobe Muse. They offer benefits in generating layouts that are optimised for all displays, a professional theme, and appealing visuals for users.

When Adobe purchased Magento in 2018, people expected improvements in Magento Page Builder to make the web more appealing to visitors, given Adobe's position as a leader in the design and visual effects.

Learn Adobe eCommerce website builder


Adobe Muse


Adobe Muse is an Adobe eCommerce website builder program that allows you to design your website rather than produce it. Therefore, no prior coding skills are necessary. Despite the fact that Adobe announced the end of the Muse tool in 2018, it still had many great aspects.

Panel Accordion


The accordion panel is one of Adobe Muse CC 2018's most intriguing features. It was introduced to the web page so that visitors may expand and collapse the website's content. In addition, if customers click on a word or text in a part, they will be directed to similar information within the accordion panel. Anchor tags are used to name the material, which assists users in attracting readers through specific content or information on their page.

Slideshow Responsive Widget


The slideshow widget is another standout feature of Adobe Muse. It allows users to choose the size of movies, photos, and buttons displayed on the site, as well as the positioning of titles and subtitles. The best aspect is that the design tool allows you to change the layout for a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Import and Export Website 


Adobe Muse users may export their website content as HTML, making it easier for developers to access CSS styles or images they created.

Adobe Spark


Adobe Spark was released on May 19, 2016. Adobe Spark Page for constructing websites has an advantage over previous Adobe eCommerce website builder tools in that it can be accessed through the web or an app for Android and iOS devices. Once you've created your free Spark account, you'll be able to rapidly develop your website by selecting one of the templates.

However, one downside of this tool is that you cannot utilise a custom domain with it, which limits the commercial site alternatives.

The "Glideshow" option is available


Glideshow is perhaps the most aesthetically stunning and user-friendly function available in Adobe Spark Page. Simply upload the picture to the theme you've previously used, and then pick it, then use the icons popup to organise the order, size, and appearance of the image on the screen.

The image can then be enhanced with text, video, or a button


The button function was created with the concept of a small business in mind. So, utilising the image's button, you may prompt your visitors to take action, such as "Book Now," and so on.

As an Adobe eCommerce website builder, Adobe Spark still has significant restrictions, such as the sites' reliance on defaults, which may be limiting for some eCommerce websites that require customization.

Magento Page Builder


Magento acquired Bluefoot CMS & Page Builder's technology in 2016 and incorporated it into Magento 2 Page Builder, which is now a major component of the Magento Platform. On March 26, 2019, Magento Page Builder was officially released with Magento Commerce 2.3.1.

Since Adobe purchased the Magento platform in 2018, we have been anticipating fresh updates to the Magento page builder. Magento Page Builder has received some upgrades in recent releases, including the recently released Magento 2.3.5.



This is a preview of Adobe's website builder features, what we anticipate Adobe will enhance in Magento Page Builder, and various Magento Page Builder extensions to replace the advanced tool on Magento Commerce. If you have any queries about Adobe's website builder OR Magento Page Builder, please send them to us, and we will respond as soon as possible.

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