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Guide | December 09, 2021

BigCommerce Singapore

Are you looking for a BigCommerce development services company in Singapore? Established in 2009, BigCommerce has become the leading eCommerce platform worldwide for SMEs. Among many BigCommerce agencies in Singapore, SmartOSC is the most reliable company having vast experience with various projects of all sizes.

In this article, we’ll go through all what you need to know about BigCommerce. You'll also know which company will support you with the best BigCommerce services in Singapore. Let’s explore!


How does BigCommerce benefit your eCommerce business?


BigCommerce is an eCommerce platform dedicated to every industry through which sellers and buyers can easily connect and interact with each other. With BigCommerce, the purchase experience will be at the highest level.

What merchants need to do is just register. Then you can start customizing your e-store and make money. This all-in-one solution offers top-quality features, including product management, order fulfillment, online payment, analysis, etc. Additionally, BigCommerce provides professionally designed websites that are easy to customize and optimize. Moreover, BigCommerce also handles security brilliantly.

In a nutshell, the BigCommerce platform is optimized to build e-stores with hundreds to thousands of products. As a result, BigCommerce is the most suitable eCommerce platform for retailers who want to grow their stores rapidly and scale up their business. If you are going to start your eCommerce store using BigCommerce from scratch, you might consider BigCommerce development services from SmartOSC Agency in Singapore.


Key features of BigCommerce


Product management


BigCommerce allows sellers to enter products, set up inventory tracking, update inventory, and know order trends over time with just a few simple taps. Sellers can also edit every detail about their product as they want. More importantly, BigCommerce is the only platform where you can sell your products and set up events without paying for third-party apps. 

Order fulfillment


BigCommerce enhances the fulfillment process after visitors click the purchase button. Thanks to BigCommerce, you can process orders, print invoices, and pack. Basically, it helps handle orders from A to Z. This feature is extremely necessary for e-stores that sell thousands of products.




Multichannel is essential for a developing eCommerce store as approaching customers has never been easy. However, if you integrate BigCommerce with your store, you can gain more customers. BigCommerce allows selling on many different channels such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Shopee, etc.


Flexible payment


BigCommerce features make it one of the best systems used by leading businesses. BigCommerce is the partner of many popular payment gates that support a variety of currencies. Therefore, merchants can boost revenue from foreign sales. Also, this feature is totally free. 


Which businesses does BigCommerce well serve?


BigCommerce has outstanding scalability. New merchants or those who want to transfer from selling offline to online can easily get used to available integrated tools on the BigCommerce system.

Sellers who want to extend the store to multichannel (for example those that have already been on Facebook, Instagram) can choose BigCommerce. If your store hasn’t had a brand representative website, BigCommerce is the right choice.

BigCommerce is also suitable for eCommerce businesses who want to expand their scale and change the old platform. Your stores will be difficult to grow if you use website-building platforms that don’t meet the needs of large-scale sales. BigCommerce owns a massive amount of tools to help you build a perfect eCommerce store model for both sellers and buyers.


SmartOSC - BigCommerce Agency Singapore


With an aim to make a digital transformation for small business models or businesses depending on traditional channels, SmartOSC uses new technologies to improve businesses' ability to reach customers. BigCommere is among such solutions for building and growing eCommerce stores for businesses.



SmartOSC - BigCommerce agency Singapore

SmartOSC uses new technologies to improve businesses’ ability to reach customers


With over 15 years of growth, SmartOSC has an experienced team of experts that will accompany your business. SmartOSC is willing to listen to you from ideas making to building your complete website. SmartOSC is proud of being an official partner of BigCommerce and having gained positive feedback from customers of more than 200 projects.

You can visit SmartOSC website here:




BigCommerce is a powerful eCommerce platform to create and operate an e-store rapidly. It is known as a perfect combination for SMEs. If you are considering building your own website, SmartOSC BigCommerce Agency Singapore will be your best partner. Contact SmartOSC!

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