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Guide | October 04, 2021

Magento Development Company Singapore

In this age of eCommerce and Mcommerce, it has become almost mandatory for every business to have an online store. Considering the outreach of customers, an online store is more valuable than your brick and motor store. 


Over the years, Magento platform has become a popular choice for many online retailers across industries. Statistics show that one out of every four retailers uses Magento to power their online eCommerce stores. Equipped with high scalability, adequate support, the ability to incorporate advanced features, and result-oriented adaptability, the Magento eCommerce platform transforms your online retail store beyond expectations. These great capabilities have made Magento eCommerce development popular globally. Magento's powerful features give you full control over the store’s look, content, and functionality. Beyond, you can customize your online store to accommodate every unique requirement for your business and to give your online store the desired functionality. Magento is truly a great platform for any business to build an empire of the next generation of online retail shops to reach customers globally from your local location. 


Are you in Singapore looking for a Magento development company? Today, many Magento eCommerce development companies like SmartOSC offers customized solutions for all your Magento eCommerce needs in Singapore.


Why develop Magento?


When it comes to setting up an eCommerce, no other platform can beat Magento as it is developed by people who understand what your eCommerce business needs. Although there are other eCommerce platforms, only Magento delivers what your online business need for success.


As you probably know, Magento framework was designed bearing in mind that each eCommerce business is unique from others. There are millions of ways to build an online Magento store. Therefore, you need the help of Magento development companies like SmartOSC to explore and pick the best suited for your online business.


Benefits of Magento development


Outsourcing Magento development from companies like SmartOSC will elevate your eCommerce with so many benefits. Here are some of the benefits of Magento development:


Customer-centered shopping experience


With Magento development, you decide what to show your customers and create an attractive storefront based on your customers' needs and your vision. You can leverage the power of quick-to-use templates, simple drag and drop features to design your eCommerce store.


Accelerate conversions


Magento development will enable you to create a straightforward checkout experience that wastes no time. Close deals faster with optimized checkout features without too many details to fill and directs visitors to a sale.


Streamline Backend operations


Magento development enables you to streamline the process of sending information to the warehouse once a customer places an order. Moreover, you can design a simple, single view of the orders along with inventories and keep track of the livestock count.


Drive business intelligence


With Magento development, you will have a centralized data platform that you can use to conduct analytics to gather business insights for any purpose. Additionally, you can figure out what your site’s visitors need and improve the checkout process, and sales assessment. 


Customize functionalities


Magento development enables you to add any functionality you need for your retail store. You can design your store as you envision with the numerous functionalities on the Magento commerce.


Marketing and promotion


With Magento development, you can configure Magento's built-in promotional tools to boost up sales and complement it with Google map integration for customers to locate you with ease. 


SmartOSC Magento Development Company Singapore


Are you in Singapore looking for a Magento development company to build for you an eCommerce store that will stand out from thousands of other e-stores in your line of business? Then Magento Development Company is what you need.  


SmartOSC is one of the most trusted Magento development companies in Singapore for many businesses. Over the last 12+ years, their In-house Magento developers have been developing Magento websites that customers love day in and day out. Whether you’re planning to launch a brand-new online store, need assistance with the development with Magento modules, or want to upgrade your Magento store, SmartOSC will deliver unmatched results.


Here is why you should hire SmartOSC Magento Development Company in Singapore:


  • Huge client base ranging from large enterprises to small businesses.
  • Over 12+ years of experience developing Magento stores.
  • Industry knowledge on various sectors B2B and B2C eCommerce.
  • Working experience on PHP, MVC, JavaScript Frameworks, HTML, CSS, and other web services.
  • Delivering eCommerce stores that meet your specific needs and adhere to international regulations and standards.


With their long industry experience, SmartOSC will help you deliver the best customer experience which will eventually bring steady conversions over the long term. Here are the Magento development services you will get at SmartOSC:


Magento eCommerce development


you want to add new functionalities to your Magento store? SmartOSC developers will develop individual modules to implement specific functionalities tailored for your eCommerce website needs. 


Magento integration


Do you want any third-party integrations added to your Magento store? SmartOSC will integrate any extensions to your Magento store to deliver a seamless experience in all operations in your store.


Online Magento store audit


If your store is not performing to your expectations, SmartOSC experts will audit the front-end and back-end to find errors and areas that need improvement and fix them and optimize your online store.


Magento migration 


Do you want to move your store from other platforms to Magento? SmartOSC experts will help you with a smooth transition to Magento with no data loss or downtime.


Magento support


Do you need regular assistance to keep your Magento store updated? SmartOSC provides care of your website’s technical aspects while you focus on the growth of your business.




Whatever your eCommerce dream or plan is, hiring Magento developers from SmartOSC will deliver you with a customized solution for any scale and industry. Contact SmartOSC for more inquiries.

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