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News | January 15, 2021

Salesforce Spring ’21 Version Release

Salesforce updates are scheduled for release three times a year – once every 4 months. Each yearly Salesforce release is named after a different season: Spring, Summer and Winter.

Salesforce Spring ’21 New Features

The new features for the latest Salesforce version, Spring ’21, include:

  • Community Cloud is renamed Experience Cloud

  • Lightning Experience is expanded and empowered with multilingual chat agents, account tracking for campaign members and other functions

  • The Article Answers feature allows you to quickly respond to customers’ queries, with automatic feedback to follow enquiries

  • Surveys, appointments, and target audience tracking are enhanced and simplified on the dashboard

  • Email content and marketing campaigns can be cloned and analysed for easier A/B testing and repeat events

Salesforce Spring ’21 Release Dates

These changes will come into effect when the new version is released.

The release date for the Salesforce Spring ’21 version depends on the instance each user is on. You can find out the Salesforce instance you are using in 2 ways:

  • If My Domain or Lightning is enabled, you can go to your Salesforce Org, then click Setup to check your Company Information

  • If My Domain or Lightning is not enabled, you can look in your browser address bar

Once you know your Salesforce instance, you can enter it on the Salesforce website to find your release date for Spring ‘21. The general release date will be either:

  1. 16 January 2021

  2. 6 February 2021

  3. 12 & 13 February 2021

Salesforce Spring ’21 Release Notes

The release notes for Salesforce Spring ’21 give more detailed information about each specific change in the new version.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Versions

Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) is the most powerful platform for eCommerce businesses on Salesforce. SFCC has new and improved features for both Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer users.

Where Can I Get More Information about Future Salesforce Updates?

Periodical Salesforce news is posted on the Salesforce website, so keep an eye out for the latest changes.

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