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Guide | December 16, 2021

Sitecore Development Services Company Thailand

Thailand's eCommerce is experiencing a skyrocket in demand. Thousands of e-store are managing their global business from the country. The huge market allows extensive growth for an e-store. 


In this article, we will guide you on how you can set up an e-store in Thailand. You also find the best platform to manage your existing store and the best website development company in the country. 


There are numerous content management systems where you can host and manage online shops. However, we are discussing Sitecore, a globally recognized powerful platform providing extensive eCommerce features. 


What is Sitecore?


Sitecore is an experience manager eCommerce platform that provides powerful business features to online vendors. Sitecore Experience Manager™ (XM) is a flexible, scalable, and secured content management system integrated with AI-driven intelligent marketing and product management tools. 


Let's dive deep into the Sitecore enterprise's features which makes it globally popular.


Benefits of using Sitecore services Thailand


Sitecore XM is an enterprise-grade system that offers unlimited business functionalities for e-business. Whether you want a personalized cart, flexible payment options, or build and manage the whole eCommerce on platform. It provides the following benefits to keep you ahead of the competitors:


Easy drag and drop development 


Sitecore allows you to create the whole store with drag and drop options. You can add or delete products and pages easily with unlimited customization options. However, several coding and other integrations are necessary for site-building.


Develop your business with a Top-rated platform


Your website will join a large community when you use the Sitecore content management system. Sitecore is a global platform with 4,000+ customers in 25 countries. With its large number of users, it is considered a favorite platform among online vendors. Thousands of websites are powered with the tool, and the number is growing day by day.


The AI-driven marketing analytics utilizes data for strategy making 


Sitecore provides a built-in insight and tracking tool which you can exploit to see the trend. It keeps real-time data of customers' interactions and location, which helps plan strategy and run campaigns. 


Get Scalability for your business future sales and size growth


Sitecore is a futuristic system that is designed to meet the requirements of every scale business. Many renowned firms, including Puma, Microsoft, and Loreal, are utilizing Sitecore for their website management. You can imagine the Scalability of the platform that is capable of dealing with these firms' requirements. 


Win over the competition with the best customer engagement


Sitecore allows you to win customers' trust by offering analytics. You can use it to live ahead of the competitors.


SmartOSC Sitecore development services Thailand



SmartOSC - Sitecore development services Thailand

SmartOSC - Sitecore development services Thailand


The Sitecore store requires technical support and management service so you can take the best advantage of its features. In Thailand, you can choose among many popular Sitecore development services. SmartOSC is one of the top names on the list with 15+ experience and a highly skilled team. 


  • We have been providing good eCommerce and marketing services for 15 years. This long experience has taught us how to convert websites and what parameters are required to make a successful eCommerce business. 
  • SmartOSC comprises 650+ committed and hardworking staff. All have remarkable expertise in their services. We have Sitecore-certified eCommerce developers, marketing experts, and data analysts.  
  • SmartOSC has Sitecore Experience management experts who know this nifty tool from the basics and know how to solve any inconvenience. From Sitecore integration to maintenance, they are skilled with everything of Sitecore. 
  • Our developers and web engineers will give your website an attractive look for your target audience. We build e-businesses on the rule that the best cart experience for your customer will convert more. 
  • We are an award-winning eCommerce agency. SmartOSC has one motto: "Build data-driven eCommerce stores that convert" which inspired 500+ clients globally.




Sitecore is one of the most scalable and reliable customer experience platforms integrated with CMS and a marketing system. SmartOSC is offering Sitecore development, management, and migration services under highly skilled developers and web engineers. By starting your Sitecore with SmartOSC, you will join 500+ customers worldwide.

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