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Guide | December 21, 2021

Sitecore Singapore

Sitecore offers Web Experience Manager (WEM), a Content Management System (CMS) built on the Microsoft.NET framework. WEM enables non-technical marketing and content teams in businesses to provide websites to people without requiring technical involvement from development and IT teams. Data generated from websites may be incorporated into major business sales and marketing systems such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and SAP using core components. Users on the site can also be recognised between sessions in order to provide adaptive experiences depending on their site history and profile choices.

What is Sitecore?


Sitecore is a major digital experience platform that is used by businesses all over the world to build seamless, personalised digital experiences. Sitecore is a platform that CMS, commerce, and digital marketing capabilities. The Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) is the company's flagship product, combining its strong content management system (CMS) Sitecore Experience Manager and Sitecore Experience Database (xDB).

Sitecore is always evolving, with each release bringing new and creative features to its users. Sitecore Experience Commerce, the cloud-first digital experience platform, now provides retail experiences.

Sitecore Trends in Singapore


Hundreds of marketers attended the sold-out Sitecore Experience Asia conference to discover new superpowers and progress their marketing.

Read on to learn how to provide a citizen-centric government service in Singapore in 2021 and beyond. You'll get rapid knowledge of:

Government Transformational Technology Trends in 2021
How to Improve Outcomes by Providing Citizen-First Experiences
Aligning your digital strategy with shifting citizen behaviour

Sitecore Service in Singapore by SmartOSC


SmartOSC collaborates closely with brands to establish business needs, project scope, functionality, and potential hazards. Their consulting team provides efficient digital solutions based on over 500 successfully completed projects in various sectors.

The SmartOSC development team assists brands in developing highly customised and scalable content management functions, as well as eCommerce systems based on broad Sitecore capabilities such as Sitecore Experience CommerceTM and Sitecore Experience DatabaseTM.

SmartOSC creates a practical, user-friendly, and responsive interface that works smoothly across devices, in conjunction with an intuitive back-end, to provide an engaging, personalised experience for your consumers.

SmartOSC can link your CRM, email service, ERP, in-store customer information, and other services with Sitecore via Sitecore xConnect for a more seamless experience.

SmartOSC provides full end-to-end managed support services to ensure that your system is not only up and operating smoothly, but also continually optimised to stay ahead of the competition.



To learn more, go to, send an email to [email protected], or call:

(+84) 24 3762 0248 Singapore

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