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News | February 06, 2020

Sitecore XC Version Update 9.3: Continuing the March toward CX and Performance Perfection

The latest Sitecore XC 9.3 version update adds sharpened performance and improved CX tools to the already impressive Experience arsenal. This update ushers in powerful scalability enhancements while continuing to focus on improving the overall experience both internally and for customers.

Sitecore’s philosophy has always been to promote engagement with customers while equipping employees with easy-to-use controls over how web content is presented. This only gets better with the recently released version:

“Sitecore XC 9.3 advances the work we began in 9.1 and 9.2. We’ve tuned up the platform again to support super-high throughput, scalability, and performance. But engaging and converting visitors is about more than just the performance of your digital storefront. It’s also about the experience your digital storefront delivers — for both employees and customers.”


The update, first announced at Symposium in Orlando last November, will positively affect the entire cloud roster (XP, SXA, etc.) with the emphasis – as always – on creating memorable, engaging end-to-end experiences and increasing conversion through impactful presentation. 

Let’s take a look at what users will receive with the latest version.

Scalability, Reliability, Better Customer Experience

  • Improved customer experience via new promotion capabilities including the ability to create promotions for specified categories and extend existing promos rather than needing to create them from scratch.

  • Better performance and stability with critical KPIs increased by a multiple of 4-10 versus XC 9.1. Testing will determine the specific amount as results will fluctuate in different cases.

  • Automate marketing efforts with intuitive cross and up-sell and auto-enrollment of customers in active marketing plans

  • Better search functionality (predictive search, type ahead) and updated storefront templates with new components

  • Categorise sellable products in multiple groups, page support for long list view of promos, coupons, orders, etc


Sitecore is constantly working to improve and optimise the platform down to the most subtle of features. The full list of updates with XC 9.3 are listed in the Release Notes for those keen on finding out more.


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