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Consumer behavior and buying patterns are changing at a fast pace. Magento’s open source and agile platform, together with its large selection of high quality extensions, enables merchants to gain full control of their content, functionality, and presentation. This is why Magento has become the popular choice for helping enterprises adapt and thrive in the e-commerce market.

SmartOSC has been delivering e-commerce consulting and development services based on Magento since the early day of the platform in 2008. Nowadays, with 198 Magento 2 trained specialists, the company ranks amongst the top solution partners when it comes to providing Magento 2 expertise.

Why Magento?

Built to Boost Conversion

Magento offers rich and useful out-of-the-box marketing tools which not only helps your business to increase your ecommerce website's conversion rate but also the average order size.

With the Magento 2 marketing features, you can also dynamically display personalized content, promotions, and pricing targeted to certain customers based on their gender, location, order history and much more.

Optimized for Omnichannel

Magento makes it easier to deliver the omnichannel experience, which creates a connected retail experience across multiple devices, online selling channels, and brick and mortar stores, building a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

Magento accommodates the growing shift to mobile while also deeply integrating with the traditional shopping channels by providing flexible order fulfillment options such as in-store pick-up, or a more robust inventory management system.


Magento is highly customizable, meaning it can be shaped to fit each merchant’s particular needs. Both the functions and the design of webpages can easily be manipulated and customized to create brand identity and adapt to fast-changing customer behavior.

This flexibility also means you can offer unique experiences for your customers, helping you stand out from the crowd. Moreover, Magento marketplace is well populated, with a diverse range of high quality extensions to quickly and easily extend the functionality of your site.

Multistore and International Focus

With a global outlook and scalable features, Magento can facilitate your expansion into international markets. Magento enables you to sell different brands with different storefronts within the same website domain.

Every store is managed from a single backend to simplify the process and save time in setting up stores with similar features. Each store in Magento supports multiple currencies and tax rates, while also making it possible to display content in local languages, which is ideal for selling in different countries.


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E-commerce Consultation

If you are unsure if Magento would be a good fit for your business, we will help you decide. With our deep understanding of Magento, we can help you make an informed decision, and explain why and how Magento should be implemented. We will work with you to plan step by step and see how you can use Magento to your advantage.

Audit & Assessment

To make sure your website is running the best it can, we offer an auditing service for your website. Our experienced team thoroughly diagnoses the code, tests functions, and assesses the design to ensure they are running optimally, increasing the stability of your website and providing your customers the best experience possible.

Concept & Design

When designing an e-commerce website, it is important to make your customers feel welcome and familiar with their online shopping habits. We apply the latest design language for e-commerce to help your customers easily navigate through the growing number of products and features available to complete their transactions, while keeping it consistent with the core brand identity design.

Implementation & Integration

With a team of over 350 experienced developers and experts in Magento, we create highly customizable and scalable e-commerce systems. We help integrate your e-commerce site with a number of popular systems, ranging from email marketing platforms, ERP, and CRM, to shipment and payment gateways, along with other extensions to add further functionality.

Managed Services & Support

After you launch your new e-commerce website, we will be there to help and support you with any problems that may arise. Not only do we help with solving incidents, we will also provide guidance and maintenance to ensure that your website is well optimized and running smoothly to avoid disrupting your customers experience.