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The transformative power of blockchain is reshaping our future, but the question remains: where to begin?

Success in any blockchain endeavor requires more than just a groundbreaking idea. Unlock the potential of your success and fast-track positive business outcomes with SmartOSC’s design methodologies, smart contracts, and composable capabilities.

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Avalanche And SmartOSC Forge Strategic Alliance To Scale Blockchain Solutions For Enterprises

Our Service

Our strong relationships and cross-ecosystem expertise allow us to seamlessly integrate with your existing enterprise software and cloud services

Blockchain Solutions


From NFT Marketplaces and Decentralized Loyalty to SocialFi and Ticketing Systems, we offer innovative solutions for seamless digital interactions, effortless crypto trading and streamlined data management.
Blockchain Solutions

Web3 Adaptation

We integrate NFTs into your eCommerce or launch an open NFT marketplace with ease, while boosting loyalty through our NFT/token Loyalty Gate and dive into Real World Assets (RWA) integration.
Blockchain Solutions

Support Services

We cover everything from creative ideation, seamless launches and captivating storytelling to develop built-in wallets, smart contracts, integration solutions, and a LaunchPad platform for your success.
Blockchain Solutions


Whether you're seeking scalability, interoperability, or privacy, we offer Layer1 Chains on Cosmos, Layer2 Chains on BSC, and Private Chains, providing robust solutions to enhance your blockchain ecosystem and infrastructure.

Why SmartOSC

We can start anywhere, go anywhere


Fast Time-To-Market

Launch applications on any Blockchain within 3 to 6 months, seamlessly progressing from ideation and prototyping to MVP and finished products


Scalable Resources

Leverage our extensive pool of 1000+ developers and Blockchain experts to propel your project to the next stage


Up-To-Date Technologies

Stay abreast of the latest advancements in Blockchain technology and software versions, both on-chain and off-chain

Explore our white-label blockchain solutions

We provide everything you need to build your empire in the DeFi world. Building a blockchain application can be shortened from years to mere months

Market-ready Smart Loyalty

Step into the future of loyalty programs with our blockchain-powered solution, supported by Avalanche – the fastest smart contracts platform in the blockchain industry. Say goodbye to traditional models and hello to unparalleled transparency and efficiency.

With seamless integration of APIs and SDKs, enhancing customer lifetime value and driving sustainable growth becomes effortless. Unlike other Web3 loyalty programs, we prioritize user experience with a Web2-like interface for smooth navigation. This unique blend of technology and design sets us apart in the competitive landscape.

Pioneer resource and operation management with Smart Chain

Discover how our Smart Chain solution revolutionizes your operations by streamlining resource management, optimizing workflows, and boosting productivity—all while ensuring top-notch security and transparency. Through our two services, Staff NFT for precise tracking of skills and seniority, and NFT Certificate for seamless management of certifications, we pave the way for enhanced business capabilities.
Unlock the full potential of blockchain with features like Loyalty programs, DAO Voting, VIP memberships, digital vouchers, and more.

Social Network 3.0

Our solution empowers artists to showcase, collaborate, and engage, bolstering user acquisition for platform owners. With intellectual ownership and community governance, creativity flourishes. Integrating Social Network 3.0 propels your enterprise to the forefront of digital interaction, revolutionizing creator-audience connections and setting new benchmarks in user engagement and platform growth.

Secure, user-centric, and growth-focused, Social Network 3.0 offers platform owners a transformative pathway in the digital landscape.


In an ever-changing global landscape, businesses are constantly in search of innovative solutions to optimize operations and fortify security. Our StackFi product democratizes access to the advantages of blockchain applications, ensuring that businesses of all sizes can harness their potential without the need to start from square one.

Regardless of your background, customizing the software to align with your business requirements is all it takes.

Our Working Process

Each blockchain journey is unique but may follow similar steps




We guide clients in formulating blockchain goals and objectives, shaping their distinctive journey with a strategic plan to outline “where to play and how to win”


Planning and Development


Experienced consultants and business analysts adeptly map out your blockchain development project, utilizing accurate data-driven analysis for seamless planning




Our substantial talent pool of over 1000 developers and blockchain experts is the key to unlock your project’s scalability