Learn More About Blockchain Solutions


The blockchain solutions market is considered as one of the technology trends that are expected to help the economy recover in the future when the Internet is increasingly developed. To learn more about the trends and benefits of using blockchain solutions, let’s find out the details below with SmartOSC.


Learn More About Blockchain Solutions

Learn more about blockchain solutions

Blockchain is a technology that encodes all data into blocks and links them together to form a long chain. When a new information or transaction occurs, the old information is not lost, instead, the new information is saved into a new block and in turn connected to the old block to form a new chain.


Blockchain information is automatically distributed and backed up on many different servers connected to the Blockchain system so that everyone can view and check their transactions. Therefore, it will help prevent modification or fraud and ensure transparency and information security.


According to research by CB Insights, spending on blockchain solutions will surpass 16 billion USD by 2023, confirming the strong development of blockchain technology in the future in a wide range of fields and industries. Especially, when global technology, social media and internet giants like IBM, Microsoft spend a lot of money and time on research and development of Blockchain technology because of its high practicality and good security. , other sectors such as entertainment, gaming, logistics have begun to realize the benefits of using transparent and immutable blockchain technology.


Blockchain solutions trend in Vietnam

Although the number of businesses providing blockchain solutions in Vietnam is still limited, this is considered a large potential market for blockchain technology development in the future.


Looking back at the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, most transactions and communication are encouraged to be done on the Internet with a wide range. Therefore, blockchain solutions have promoted their strengths when ensuring transparency, information data safety and network security.


Currently, government organizations and businesses not only globally but also in Vietnam have applied blockchain technology in many fields from health, healthcare, finance and banking, supply chain, e-commerce. In particular, in 2020, many startups received a capital investment of over 1 million USD with initial results that are assessed as positive growth. It can be said that blockchain solutions are expected to become a sustainable development technology trend to help link multi-sectors, recover and develop socio-economic in the future.


Blockchain solutions in the banking and finance sector

By using its smart features to sign contracts, eliminate intermediaries, speed up transactions while ensuring safety for both parties, blockchain has created many breakthrough successes.


Blockchain solution for the e-commerce field

The trend of online e-commerce will grow more and more in the future. Building a payment system via e-wallet, loyalty, gift cards, customer gratitude… thanks to Blockchain technology will create conditions for parties to easily sign and link with other parties. multinational enterprises.


Blockchain solutions for the medical field

In the 4.0 technology era, countries around the world and Vietnam are promoting the implementation of information digitization in the data management process in the medical and healthcare sectors. Blockchain solutions are used in medical device and drug payments, patient health status storage, inventory management, purchase orders, etc.


Blockchain solution for the tourism industry

Transaction costs are a factor to be considered especially in the process of exploiting the tourism service industry. Blockchain helps to solve the problems of tracking luggage, booking hotels, air tickets, check-in, payments from many global banks, e-wallets, cryptocurrencies,… replacing the system Traditional management is cumbersome, many errors.


In addition, the trend of blockchain solutions is also widely applied in other fields such as logistics, education, media & telecommunications, manufacturing, retail… to reduce costs and manage risks.


Benefits of using blockchain solutions


Using blockchain brings the following outstanding benefits:


  • Ensure transparency: Data on blockchain is always public, users can track transactions and its entire history.
  • Applications in many fields: In addition to applications in finance and banking, blockchain solutions also promise to develop in many other fields such as education, health care, and elections.
  • Safety and security: The information and data in the Blockchain are distributed and absolutely safe in the Blockchain network and cannot be modified by any individual or organization.
  • Reduce costs for businesses: In the business system, errors always occur, leading to increased costs and loss of time to resolve. Therefore, Blockchain technology can greatly reduce costs for many industries by eliminating the middlemen involved in the process of filing and transferring assets.
  • Increased transaction speed: By eliminating the intermediary, the transaction speed is higher than many existing systems.


SmartOSC – Providing blockchain solutions in Vietnam

SmartOSC is the leading developer and application of Blockchain technology in banking and finance in Vietnam with payment systems, trading platforms, etc. With a team of experienced consultants and programmers will help analyze and offer optimal solutions to deploy Blockchain applications in the finance of organizations, businesses, banks, etc.


SmartOSC always has a professional working process, strictly adheres to standards to provide the most suitable effective solutions, ensuring customer satisfaction.


Blockchain solutions are considered the future of society, marking the change and transformation of the world. For detailed advice and planning in applying blockchain to your business model, leave your email in the registration box at the bottom of the page or contact our experts today.