Why Shopify | SmartOSC | Your Trusted Ecommerce Partner

Shopify Plus is the perfect platform for businesses growing at scale. Being built using a software as a service solution model, Shopify Plus offers a lot of potential value to merchants. It uses enterprise-level software, offering robust e-commerce solutions while fully hosting your store over the Cloud. Shopify Plus removes much of the infrastructure needs from the merchant, making the platform truly flexible.

Drawing from years of e-commerce expertise, SmartOSC is able to provide a range of services to help you build and optimize your Shopify store. We are the first certified Shopify Plus solution partners in Southeast Asia, reflecting our proficiency and understanding of the platform. We work directly with Shopify to find the best solutions, while drawing from a pool of talented developers both onsite and from our offices across the globe.

Why Shopify Plus?

Ease of Use

Shopify Plus offers a very intuitive user experience. The backend is designed to be user friendly and includes features such as drag and drop to make the creation process quick and easy to do. Everything from set up to administration has been designed with the user in mind, meaning your Shopify store can go live sooner rather than later.


Being based in the Cloud, there is no need for your own extensive server system. Shopify host your store on their servers, providing unlimited bandwidth, so your website can scale up with demand and back down again during quiet periods for better cost efficiency. This means you save time, money, and resources on the managing and maintenance of the system.


Shopify is well known for their rounded support series. With dedicated teams looking to ensure you and your store’s success, you can be sure you will find the solution you need 24/7. There also a number of tools designed to make particularly difficult processes like migration as simple as possible.

What We Offer


Moving to the Cloud can be a difficult prospect. We will discuss with you the benefits of migrating to Shopify Plus and see if it is the right fit for your business. Using our knowledge of ecommerce, we will suggest to you the best course of action to ensure you use Shopify to it’s greatest potential.


We will get your store up and running as soon as possible. Using Shopify Plus, we can focus on designing the best user interfaces for the best user experiences. Our development teams will work with you to build an interesting and relevant store that is optimized to maximize conversions and to develop your brand image.


We make sure your customers can use your store wherever and however they want to. Shopify Plus covers all sales channels, so we can develop mobile and tablet optimized stores, as well as rebuilding your in-store systems for a fully connected experience. With Shopify’s automated data syncing, it is easy to stay on top of all channels and keep one step ahead.

Concept & Design

In designing e-commerce websites, you should always be aiming to make your customers feel welcome and familiar by accommodating their online shopping habits. Using the latest design concepts and trends, we can create interesting and relevant experiences for customers while providing easy navigation and features that help to speed up the shopping process. By building uniquely designed websites, we can help you differentiate your brand from the competition and bring customers to your store.


Making use of Shopify’s extensive app collection, we will help you to find and implement appropriate and unique solutions for your customers. Shopify uses apps to quickly and easily customize your website, while providing integration opportunities with a variety of popular platforms: everything from CRM’s to WMS’s.


We will help you to migrate data from your current e-commerce platform into Shopify. Using one of the many migration tools available, it is possible to efficiently move your data from other popular platforms into your new Shopify Plus store, saving you a lot of time. We can also transfer your existing domain over, so you can still be found at the same address.