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Boozt is a leading, fast-growing company selling fashion online. The company offers its customers a curated and contemporary selection of fashion brands, catering to a variety of lifestyles, mainly through its multi-brand web store The company’s web stores attract more than five million sessions per month as a result of a convenient shopping experience with high service levels, users experience consistency across both mobile and desktop, quick deliveries and easy returns. Their strong online market position and its competitive customer offering have enabled Boozt to attract new customers and increase the number of orders from returning customers.

Scope of Work


Custom platform development


Search Engine Optimization


Email Marketing


3rd party integration


Maintenance & Support



Challenge aims to provide a state of the art shop-in-shop online platform, that is capable of handling large amounts of traffic, while fulfilling thousands of orders a day. Their existing website could no longer handle the growing site traffic and extra demand for bandwidth, caused by their growing popularity in the market.

Their new online shop must be flexible and customizable per country, currency and language to accommodate their expansion into international markets. For the best user experience possible, they required blazing fast page load, even with lots of 3rd party integrations and thousands of products - alongside with more than 2000 orders per day.

SmartOSC were brought in to architect their new e-commerce website, facilitating their ambitious demands, allowing Boozt to continue offering new products while ensuring their customers are receiving the optimal performance for the best shopping experience.








Our Solution

SmartOSC worked closely with Boozt to address the issues with their cart checkout. By using a shared checkout setup, it was possible to use a single checkout across 5 different brands, greatly simplifying the process for customers and increasing cross-sale. The loading efficiency on the site was improved, in turn improving customer experience by providing a quick and responsive service. Weekly e-mail campaigns were introduced to give incentive to current and new customers to shop with Boozt.

Boozt is operating in 25 countries, most of which require different languages and currencies. With Magento’s multi-store view solution, it is possible to quickly implement a design to cater for different countries, languages and currencies. SmartOSC used the multi-store view feature to localize the Boozt online store to display translated text and local currencies for each of their targeted markets. All customers can view, interact and shop in their native language, using their own currency. Marketing and promotional campaigns were also localized to be more relevant with international audiences.

To improve the efficiency and capability of the online store in handling traffic, a holistic approach to the loading capabilities of the site was taken into consideration. Along with caching on different layers, a content delivery network (CDN) was utilized for faster page loading and delivery. In addition, integrations with 3rd party vendors, including international shipping carriers, affiliates, tracking systems and e-mail management, were introduced and optimized to make these processes more efficient to conduct and manage. Boozt also build trust with existing and potential customers via the use of promotional emails, personalized transactional emails, and free shipping coupons, all of which will encourage loyalty to the brand.

SmartOSC are continuing to provide maintenance and support for Boozt to make sure everything is still running optimally.



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