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Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Customer Loyalty

Written on 22 March 2018 by Connor Avis

Published in Business

Loyalty amongst customers should be the main focus for any online store. It is a key way to increase customer lifetime value, an important...
Ecommerce Mobile Privacy

Written on 14 March 2018 by Connor Avis

Published in Business

With the coming of the digital age, customer data and business insights have become widely available for online retailers thanks to three forces: 1...
Urbanfox and SmartOSC partner together

Written on 12 February 2018 by Connor Avis

Published in Announcement

SmartOSC, a leading ecommerce agency, has joined hands with UrbanFox, an omnichannel logistics and channel management solutions brand, and a...
Ecommerce White Paper
White Paper

Written on 16 November 2017 by Connor Avis

Published in White Paper

The holiday season is an important time of year for retailers around the globe. With sales during this period accounting for as much as 30% of a...

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