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Guide | March 11, 2021

Customer Data Platform Use Cases

Are you looking for the best Sitecore company in Thailand? Finding a reliable eCommerce service can be challenging while you have a new idea or are already running a business. No need to surf more, we will connect you with the most skilled and experienced agents to build your store to convert more.


What is Sitecore, and what are its services?


Sitecore is a feature-enriching customer experience platform having numerous eCommerce and marketing features. It is a popular choice for eCommerce businesses because of its extensive customization and business options. We will discuss some majestic functionalities of Sitecore shortly.


Benefits of using Sitecore services Thailand


Sitecore offers the following benefits to use as your CMS:


Easy to use


One of the most prominent features of this business tool is drag and drop building. It allows you to create customized product pages, descriptions, carts, and more with an easy interface. It enables you to operate your business without rigging with technical complexities. 


Unlimited personalization


With Sitecore, design your website on your own terms and customers' interest. The drag and drop options allow you to add or update anything on the website in real-time.


Robust and scalable


Sitecore is a powerful tool using ASP.NET. The platform offers tremendous scalability to adapt your sales future growth.


Integrated email system


Sitecore's website gives you a personalized email marketing system to brand your business to the target customers.


Customer analytics


You can collect your customers' insight and track their interaction with the Sitecore marketing tool. The data will help you plan strategies and branding techniques. 


SmartOSC Sitecore service company Thailand


SmartOSC Magento agency has been working since 2006 to provide innovation-driven eCommerce services. With our planning and technical excellence, our firm has helped 500+ businesses to convert more. SmartOSC is a strategic partner to eCommerce services including Sitecore, Magento, BigCommerce, AEM, Ucommerce, Kentico, and Shopify Plus. 


Why choose SmartOSC?


Expert Sitecore developers


SmartOSC includes a working team of 650 diversified members. Each team member has expertise in the respective field. Our experience with Sitecore also spans years. We know Sitecore personalization, development, migration, and optimization to its core.


Marketing boost


We assist businesses in boosting their revenue in different modern ways. Our data insight analysts and marketers make deep analyses to understand your customers' needs and wants through data insights. Then we use the outcomes for a more personalized strategy to increase customer engagements.


Continuous Sitecore maintenance and support


We join hands with you to develop the Sitecore business and give continuous maintenance assistance. You don't need to worry about any issues regarding maintenance or updates.


Well known eCommerce agency


SmartOSC is an award-winning e-commerce agency. The agency has one motto: "Build data-driven eCommerce stores that convert" which inspired 500+ clients globally.




Sitecore is a business solution offering vast functionalities to personalize your business. Its high-end marketing and eCommerce tool boost your capital by attracting more customers. In Thailand, SmartOSC provides Sitecore service with unified expertise. We offer a complete Sitecore package including migration, site development, marketing, maintenance, and support under the award-winning team. We have been working for 15-year in eCommerce and have services in 10 countries. We are aware of the necessities of an e-store and its future. With us, you can boom your e-business and get the advantage of such an excellent eCommerce tool. 

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