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Guide | November 18, 2021

Magento Development Agency

Today, eCommerce is one of the most growing sectors globally. People buy from the internet, and the shops are also converted into online stores. The whole trend also creates new earning opportunities to earn where you can set up an e-store of your choice. 


While for starting the e-business, the first critical thing is choosing the right platform or content management system (CMS) to manage your business. Your CMS plays a vital role because the whole business relies on it. A responsive and optimized website can put lead you to success. 


A lot of companies are offering content management systems for eCommerce website development. Magento is the best choice because of its seamless deployment, high scalability, and modern marketing tools. With this feature-enriched platform, you can set up an online store of your own want. Even don't need to do technical work for Magento website development, SmartOSC solutions will ease you in every step of store management. 


What is Magento's development service?


Magento development service is an eCommerce development platform that allows business owners to build and manage their online stores conveniently. It offers an easy site-building option with many other advanced eCommerce features. Magento has emerged as one of the most popular eCommerce solutions with 250,000+ users worldwide. 


Learn Magento development agency 


Magento solves many merchandise features which make your business highly advanced and personalized. It has the following features:


  • Cloud-based backup
  • Mobile Optimized cart interface
  • Business Intelligence catalogs and Dashboards
  • Modern AI-driven Marketing Tools
  • Performance Monitoring Tools
  • Customers' Checkout, Payment, and Shipping functionality
  • High Scalability
  • Optimized email templates for every screen
  • Enhanced Security 
  • Advanced product and service Search in Site
  • PayPal Onboarding Tool
  • Business Intelligence Essentials
  • Personalized Product Recommendations

After you choose your business domain and select a content management service comes the phase of development and management. Many development agencies are offering Magento site development, migrating, and maintenance, and services. We will show some best Magento eCommerce firms in the world.   


1. Vaimo


Vaimo is a multinational company with services in 15 countries. The agency has 450 members offering different services such as Magento development, migration, and management.


2. Born


Born is a well-known award-winning eCommerce company. It offers services in 8 countries and has made 500 B2B and B2C transformations.


3. SmartOSC


SmartOSC Magento agency has been working since 2006 to provide innovation-driven commerce services. Our company has 500+ satisfied customers in 10 countries. SmartOSC is a strategic partner to commerce giants including Magento, BigCommerce, Sitecore, AEM, Ucommerce, Kentico, and Shopify Plus. 


SmartOSC Magento development agency 




SmartOSC - Magento development agency

The next question you may ask that what uniqueness the SmartOSC has in the professional eCommerce grounds. Let's dive into our excellence:


  • We have been providing satisfactory eCommerce and marketing services for 15 years. This long experience has taught us how to make converting websites and what parameters are required to make a successful eCommerce business. 
  • SmartOSC comprises 650+ committed and hardworking staff. All have remarkable expertise in their services. We have Adobe-certified eCommerce developers, marketing experts, and data analysts.  
  • SmartOSC has Magento experts who know this nifty tool from very basic and know how to solve any inconvenience. From Magento integration to maintenance, they are skilled with everything of Magento. 
  • Our developers and web engineers will give your website an attractive look for your target audience. We build e-businesses on the rule that the best cart experience for your customer will convert more. 
  • We are an award-winning eCommerce agency. SmartOSC has one motto: "Build Data-Driven eCommerce Stores that Convert", which inspired 500+ clients globally.



SmartOSC - Magento development agency

SmartOSC has been providing satisfactory eCommerce and marketing services for 15 years




Magento is a feature-enrich eCommerce platform that eases store owners in managing their online business. The platform is integrated with a marketing and content management system that facilitates you in the essential tasks of your e-business. With the tool, you can have multiple websites along with valuable marketing insights. SmartOSC provides you with Magento service and assists you in developing your store with this fantastic tool. Our Magento experts will also maintain your website so you will remain one step ahead of your competitors and win customer loyalty for a long.

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