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News | December 15, 2020

Sitecore Latest Version Upgrade News 2021

Sitecore has released updates for 2021 about the support lifecycle for its current versions. Developers and companies who use Sitecore managed services and the Sitecore platform for digital marketing should take note of the features and benefits offered by Sitecore Experience (XP) 10, Sitecore Commerce and Sitecore Experience Cloud (XC).

What Is the Latest Version of Sitecore Available in 2021?

The most up-to-date current version of Sitecore is Sitecore 10.0, which was released in 2020. For the last twelve years, Sitecore has released a new version of one of its products every year, so in 2021 we can expect to see the release of Sitecore 10.1.

What Versions of Sitecore Are No Longer Supported in 2021?

As of 31 December 2020, Sitecore 9.0 will stop having mainstream support, and Sitecore versions 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4, 6.5 and 6.6 will come off sustaining version support. They will be unsupported in 2021.

Although not yet confirmed, Sitecore has also announced its intention to try and provide extended support for Sitecore versions 7.2 and 7.5 until 30 June 2021, and not 31 December 2020 as advertised up until now.

At the end of 2021, other Sitecore versions will also become supported. As of 31 December 2021, Sitecore 9.1 will lose mainstream support, while Sitecore versions 8.0 and 8.1 will lose their extended version support status. 31 December 2021 is also the end date for sustaining support for Sitecore 7.0 and 7.1.

The Sitecore product support lifecycle gives a good overview of when support ends for all versions.

Why Should I Download the Newest Version of Sitecore?

It’s recommended to upgrade to the most recent version of Sitecore as soon as it is released. Not only will this make sure you don’t get caught using an unsupported or deprecated version of Sitecore, but it will always ensure that you always have the latest and most powerful features available, helping you to sell more effectively online and compete with other brands.

What Are Some of the Best Sitecore Features?

Sitecore 10 includes a host of benefits, the best of which we list below:

  • Docker and Kubernetes container technologies for increased agility

  • Product bundling capability to sell related products and services together

  • Microsoft Azure cloud platform for Managed Cloud Services

  • Filter analytics reports by audience segment

  • Horizon editing interface

  • Headless rendering architecture for more productive developers

  • ASP.NET Core application integration

  • Real-time Experience Database® (xDB) connection with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  • Sitecore Analytics and Sitecore xConnect data tools

A deeper look at the compatibility, installation requirements and advantages of Sitecore 10 is available here.

All currently supported versions of Sitecore are also compatible with SmartOSC’s native proprietary Sitecore XP B2B Commerce Accelerator extension, built in partnership with Sitecore to add powerful B2B capabilities to the platform and provide merchants with sleek, automated processes and organisational management for improved B2B selling.

Where Can I Get More Information about Future Sitecore Updates?

For up-to-date information about all upcoming improvements, modifications and deprecations to Sitecore versions, keep an eye on the Sitecore Developer’s Downloads site and Sitecore Documentation.

Also, be sure to subscribe to the SmartOSC newsletter to get the latest information delivered right to your inbox. SmartOSC is an award-winning Sitecore Gold Solution Partner with over 150 dedicated .NET developers for Sitecore and successful projects for international clients like Ricoh, Aspire Lifestyles and MyStays.

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SmartOSC builds custom eCommerce stores and provides Sitecore maintenance and support for merchants. For help migrating to Sitecore, to upgrade to a new version, install security patches or fix bugs, write to us or call one of our international hotlines.

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