Google Cloud Platform

A partner that accelerates development

Data and development are so often siloed.

Google Cloud Platform liberates. Develop apps and infrastructure from anywhere, at anytime. Work collaboratively without restrictions. And do so within a user-friendly and advanced cloud platform. Google revolutionized the cloud with its home-grown products and access to cloud-native resources. It’s doing the same with cloud computing. We’re a proud partner with the Google Cloud platform for its ability to generate trackable value for our client.

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How we use Google Cloud to transform your business

Improve efficiency, hasten development and gain access to Google’s wide array of products

Improving access to relevant data

Data is essential to cloud computing – and Google makes sure you have access to detailed data streams on every product you use. These insights can improve your development and technology decisions.

All data is accessible at any time – across multiple sites and applications, from data pools to customer experience metrics. This gives our clients the opportunity to swiftly iterate and direct resources toward their goals. Need to develop and launch a new app to resolve a new challenge? Google Cloud Platform makes it easy.

Freeing developers and teams

Google Cloud Platform delivers radical solutions for the following: Computing, storage, AI and machine learning, databases, data analytics, networking, and developer tools.

Google Cloud is designed to be transparent and unifying. Its open source development and global network allows your engineers to work without resource restraints. Additionally, you gain tools for full collaboration across video, email, and documentation. It’s not just engineers who benefit from the Cloud Platform, but all teams, wherever and however they work.

Advanced Security and Reliability

Google’s zero-trust verification model and global networks protect your organization.

Security and stability are essential for any cloud infrastructure – and Google is second to none in both. We trust in our partner’s ability top keep your data, apps, and developments safe while also minimizing downtime as much as possible. Google’s global data centers and efficient local-to-cloud resource distribution means you can operate swiftly with little interruption.

Why choose SmartOSC for Google Cloud migration?

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Vast experience

With 17 years and over 1200 projects under our belt, we've seen it all and we're hungry for more.

Data-driven creativity

Your Google Cloud strategy is driven by analysis and experience to create a smooth transition and effortless integration.

The customer's perspective

We put ourselves in your shoes and your customers', imagining how Google Cloud will augment your long-term growth.

Diverse teams for speedy development

We have offices in 9 countries and counting - our experience extends to brands and clients across the globe.

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