June, 2024

How New Retail & Business Models Will Drive the Future of Logistics and Supply Chains

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“I think e-commerce is going to be one of the key things that is going to drive this sector development.”

Supply chain logistics is a messy place right now. So what does the future hold?

When it comes to transformation and digital development the Supply Chain industry is one of the slowest sectors to progress, so we’ll be speaking to someone who has spent two decades frivolously learning and seeking to create change in logistics infrastructure, customs compliance, shipping, and supply chain technology.

A self-described industry busybody, Jeffrey Tan wears many hats. Currently, as the president of the Singapore Computer Society’s Supply Chain Management Chapter, leading efforts in technology adoption within the industry and shaking up the status quo.

In his episode, we look at the current pain points and future challenges for global supply chains and logistics. We’ll be exploring how new retail and startups may impact legacy systems and looking to the future of what needs to be done and changed within this space.

  • The missing pieces for driving successful transformation within the supply chain and logistics industry
  • Singapore’s journey as a logistics powerhouse and its role in reshaping global trade
  • Can blockchain really create the change that it has been hyped to create within the industry?
  • How Southeast Asia is reshaping the manufacturing landscape and what it means for regional economies
  • The impact of eCommerce and smaller businesses on global supply chains and logistics
  • The hidden world of logistics and discover how it shapes our everyday experiences
  • Embracing failure and learning from losses

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